MAGA Thugs Engage In Voter Intimidation

Vice recently reported that MAGA Thugs are attempting to infiltrate polling stations to intimidate Democratic voters who don’t vote for America’s most oppressed presidential candidate who just can’t catch a fair break.

Unhinged members of a Trump message board called The believe they have the right to threaten and intimidate anyone who doesn’t vote for Saint Donald The Divine, their favorite patron saint, who watches over white supremacists and Nazis from his lofty perch in the heavens.

“Consider this polling station on “LOCK DOWN,” someone who goes by the handle utahbeachballs1944 allegedly posted earlier this week, along with a South Carolina poll manager’s handbook.

Apparently he was responding to comments from other users, adding, “my polling place is gonna be like trying to enter North Korea. Fucking LOCKED DOWN,” further adding, “I will be honoring the BLM movement in Blackface.”

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to a president who has contempt for democracy, who has for months called for voter intimidation and accusing the Democrats of voter fraud simply for advocating voting by mail, which is not unconstitutional as Republicans love to claim it is.

At last month’s debate Trump said he was urging his supporters to “go into the polls to watch very closely because that’s what has to be done.”

The Trump campaign has a new website by the name of Army For Trump, recruiting for election operations.

“We all know the Democrats will be up to their old dirty tricks, ” Evin Perrine, Trump’s reelection director of press communications claimed in a video encouraging others to sign up, which is ironic since Republicans are usually the ones caught with their hands in the cookie jar when it comes to preventing people from voting, including purging voter rolls, enacting voter ID laws, attempting to criminalize voter registration drives, Felony disenfranchisement, intimidation of minority voters, and election security claims. Some of these tactics have already been pushed and continue to be pushed by Republicans.

Bring your weapons and prepare for a fight,” one MAGA thug wrote in response to a post that claimed BLM and Antifa would show up outside polling sites in every city. “If they’re guarding the polling station, get a militia together.”

The site’s administrators, who remain anonymous – no surprise – responded to their concerns for disrupting polling stations:

“The left has made it blatantly obvious that they plan on cheating in the general. The only thing they care about is power and they will do anything to obtain it. We are trying to change the things we don’t like, at the ballot box.”

How have they made it clear? What have they said or done to make it obvious they intend to cheat? By intending to vote by mail? By encouraging everyone to vote, including minorities? By criticizing a president who has accused his political opponents of cheating when he’s the one who is trying to cheat?

I guarantee he couldn’t come up with a plausible answer when pressed. He would probably repeat the same talking point that is programmed into the brain of every Republican through repeated propaganda, the one about massive voter fraud that Democrats are allegedly guilty of – which has yet to be proven to be true.

The claim that Democrats and the left plan to cheat in the election is hilarious, since it’s Donald Trump who is currently attacking the right to vote by mail, and his supporters who are attacking the right to vote through intimidation, by showing up armed at polling stations, and a president who has implied that he will not accept a fair election result if he loses.


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