Jake Tapper Calls Bulls*** On Lara Trump’s Denial Of Mocking Sleepy Joe’s Stutter


On his Sunday morning State Of The Union, Jake Tapper called out Lara Trump for making fun of Sleepy Joe’s stutter.

Tapper began the interview by showing her a clip of the president’s rally in Michigan, where he attacked Governor Whitmer, who he has criticized in the past in regards to her mandating the use of masks to lessen the spread of coronavirus, and shutting down businesses and schools. Earlier this month Whitmer had been a target of a right-wing extremist militia group.

“I guess they said she was threatened,” the president told the crowd. “And she blames me. ( You know who I blame? I blame her. She was the one who was threatening people, forcing people to stay home, and wear masks. We all know masks don’t work, and that’s what made people angry. They were fed up. They couldn’t take it anymore. They just wanted to arrest her, a citizens arrest, but the fake news media called it a kidnapping plot. They should all be arrested. Lock ’em up. Crooked Hillary for her emails, president Obama for tapping my phone’s and my microphones. I would have won that first debate with Sleepy Joe , but  I think Obama tapped my microphone. The crime of the century. I know it, and you know. Lock ’em all up )!”

As the the crowd chanted “lock her up, and lock them up,” Trump smiled, pleased with himself.

“Don’t you think the president should get off the weed, the drugs, or the alcohol, or whatever he’s on?”Tapper asked his guest.

Lara Trump looked surprised. “Excuse me? The president’s not on drugs.”

“Well, he must be on something,” Tapper said. “No one says the outrageous things this president has said without being on something. Either that, or he’s suffering from some type of mental illness himself. No Democratic president, to my knowledge, has ever said the things about Republicans that this president has said about Democrats. President Obama certainly never did. He never accused Republicans of acting un-American, never referred to them as pedophiles, never called them criminals or urged the DOJ and the FBI to investigate them for alleged crimes, or call for them to be locked up. It’s not acceptable for a president to be threatening his opponents.”

“He wasn’t doing anything, I don’t think, to provoke people to threaten this woman at all,” Lara Trump said. “He was just having fun at a Trump rally. And quite frankly, there are bigger issues than this right now for Americans. ( Like the fact that people criticize the president, calling him a narcissist, accusing him of downplaying the coronavirus. Obama was a narcissist, not Trump. Four people died in Benghazi. That was a tragedy, a scandal. Hillary said “what does it matter?” Two people died of Ebola, and the media said crickets about it. 215,000 died of COVID, but frankly, it’s not the president’s fault, I don’t see the scandal, or the controversy. Even I’ve been criticized on social media, accused of having fake boobs, a face lift, or getting my job through nepotism, all of which are not true at all. My boobs are the real thing and they’re spectacular. And I’ve received threats on social media, but you don’t hear me crying about it.”

“Frankly, that sounds like a whole lot of bulls***. And I couldn’t care less about your spectacular boobs. What concerns me is encouraging his supporters to chant “lock her up” against a state governor who was just doing her job, and calling for the Attorney General to investigate his political opponents. One could make a case for the president to be locked up, with his many crimes and shady business deals – including tax evasion, embezzlement, and sexual misconduct, the list goes on -“

“All unsubstantiated nonsense,” Lara Trump said.

“What also concerns me, and a lot of people I think, is the fact that you recently mocked Joe Biden for his stutter, and yet you have no criticism, no mockery for a president who routinely says some of the dumbest s*** I’ve ever heard, who seems to have no self-awareness of his own hypocrisy, who lies repeatedly, who takes no responsibility for his own actions and failures. One could say that he is suffering from cognitive decline, and yet his supporters defend him no matter what he says or does.”

“Again, all nonsense, all lies. First of all, I never made fun of or mocked Sleepy Joe, because he can’t remember his name, or because he can’t finish a sentence.”

“You did it just now.”

“You must be hearing things, Jake. Please don’t put words in my mouth -“

“I’m not -“

“Please allow me to finish, Joe.”

“It’s not Joe, it’s Jake. Now who’s suffering from mental lapses?”

“That would be Sleepy Joe,” Lara said. “I’m not even going to get into the president’s business dealings, but I will say that this president is of more sound and mind than Sleepy Joe Opossum, which is why we don’t need him for president. If he were to be elected, he would just hang his tail from the light fixture in the Oval office, forget that he was president and go to sleep and never wake up.”

“Again, sounds like a whole lot of bulls***. Thank you for being with us.”


One Reply to “Jake Tapper Calls Bulls*** On Lara Trump’s Denial Of Mocking Sleepy Joe’s Stutter”

  1. Wow! I didn’t watch this interview as I never watch CNN but they are getting desperate it seems. Jake is losing it. What kind of talk is that from a news anchor? Did he really question Trump for being on drugs, weed, or alcohol? Projection, trying to get the focus off of crooked Joe. We can expect just about anything from them from now on.


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