Richard Fowler Criticizes Katie Pavlich’s Lame Coronavirus-Swine Flu Comparison In Fox Debate

From Mediate –

Fox News contributors, Richard Fowler and Katie Pavlich collided when the Townhall editor invoked the swine flu in order to defend President Donald Trump’s coronavirus leadership.

The two commentators appeared with John Scott – filling in for Dana Perino on The Daily Briefing Thursday. Pavlich applauded Vice President Mike Pence for using the 2009 H1N1 in order to attack former Vice President Joe Biden during his debate with Senator Kamala Harris. Pavlich conceded that the swine flu pandemic was “far less deadly” than the COVID-19 pandemic, but she still approved how Pence hypothetically charged that “if the swine flu had been as lethal as coronavirus”, Biden would have seen a wave of death across America under his watch.

Fowler reminded Pavlich that Trump has downplayed the pandemic by ignoring CDC guidelines, and that there had not been an outbreak of H1N1 at the White House under Obama, due mainly to the fact that Obama had not downplayed the danger of the pandemic.

Pavlich smugly responded with, “Sixty million Americans were infected with the swine flu.”

Fowler reminded her that 214,000 Americans are dead because of Trump’s incompetence.

“That is precisely the point,” Pavlich went on.”The Obama-Biden administration handled the swine flu so poorly, and thank God it was not lethal like the coronavirus now ( But the Ebola virus, now that’s a different story. Two people died because of Obama’s and Biden’s incompetence and you guys never talk about that. All you guys can do is complain about 200,000 dead people. Give me a break, Richard. You have to admit, Trump has done the best he could under the circumstances, much better than Obama ever could have ).”

“I don’t have to admit it,” Fowler answered. “You must be high on something.”


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