Mark Levin Says Bernie Sanders Is A Racist Because He’s Never Done The Things A Real Man Does

Mark Levin – AKA, Mr. Potato Head – never fails to fool his ever-dwindling audience of aging brain dead listeners and viewers that he knows anything about politics. And on this particular broadcast of his Levin TV show on Blaze TV, he did just what his aging audience of drooling boomers tune in to hear him say – something totally off the wall and out of left field.

“Bernie Sanders – or, as I call him, Cornel Sanders – is a radical Marxist communist!

“This a man who painted his finger nails when he was a kid, and probably still does!

“This is a man who never fixed a car or changed a tire because he was afraid he might damage those delicate painted finger nails The big sissy.

“This is a man who rode a girls bicycle when he was a kid. Did I mention that he’s a sissy? Well, he is!

“This is a man who played with dolls when he was a boy, or should I say, a sissy? And who played Tea Party with the neighborhood girls. Dear God, he’s a sissy!

“This is a man who dressed in his mother’s clothing as a kid.

“This is a man who faints at the sight of blood! The great big sissy!

“This is a man who never changed a bed pan, or made a deposit in one! Say it with me now.

“This a man who’s not a man at all because he’s never done any of the things you and I have done. He’s never shaved, he’s never smoked a cigar, he’s never drank beer, he’s never belched or passed gas, or picked his nose, or a million other things a man does, because he not a man. He’s a sissy who failed to move to move to Newark, New Jersey, or Camden, but moved to Vermont instead, and that’s what makes him a sissy, and a racist from top to bottom!

“Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “Yeah, makes sense to me.”


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