Laura Ingraham: ” The Left Have Been Dancing In The Streets Over Coronavirus”

During a recent broadcast of The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham  accused the left of celebrating the coronavirus pandemic and of cheering it on like one of their favorite sports teams.

“For seven straight months they’ve been dancing gleefully in the streets,” she said. “You know, those young, rich college suburban liberals who think they’re oppressed by capitalism – sectioning off parts of cities like they did in Portland and Seattle, creating their own CHOPS and CHAZ’s – when they’re not protesting or rioting over imaginary police brutality, that is – throwing parties, auditioning Hollywood celebrities for upcoming seasons of Dancing With The Stars, celebrating the virus, and cheering it on as if it’s one of their favorite sports teams like the Lakers, lead by their fearless leader Lebron James, or Colin Kaepernick, hoping it will lead to Trump’s downfall, and will lead to another failed attempt to impeach America’s Greatest President, who has single-handedly managed to do everything no other president since Lincoln, has been able to accomplish – save the economy, restore the military to all of its shining glory, eased racial tension, do more for the black community, saved us from Antifa – or at last declared them terrorists, something the Democrats have been unwilling to do – and God damn – excuse my French – just make America great again!

“And how have the left responded? Their response is to dance in the streets and get on their liberal news shows just to blame Trump non-stop for a virus that originated halfway around the world, that he had no control over, he did everything he could to stop the spread of. He organized an aggressive effort to tackle the problem, he mobilized the greatest task force the world has ever seen, after dismantling the Obama pandemic response team – what did they know about pandemics any way, Obama was so inept he couldn’t even manage his way out of his own pandemic with a flashlight and a tooth brush, and his so-called response team were just as inept, look how they handled the Ebola crises – he banned travel to and from China, he mandated testing – he never blamed Obama for a broken testing system, never encouraged reopening schools early, and never encouraged his supporters to liberate the states, that was all just fake news – initiated and encouraged social distancing, wearing masks, and mandatory lock downs. He warned the public from the very beginning how serious the virus was, and we here at Fox News have been doing the same all along, despite what you might hear in the liberal media.”


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