Mr. Potato Head Has His Own Thoughts On Jacob Blake shooting

The Great One – who looks and sounds like the character Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story – who was once described in a Daily Banter article as a human boil and as likable as a fart in an elevator, wants you to know that the police were not to blame for shooting Jacob Blake in the back. It was all the victim’s fault.

Levin – the Great One, Mr. Potato Head, or whatever you prefer to call him – is a well-known bomb thrower, race baiter, and all around antagonist  who seems to be more content with whipping fear and hatred among his viewing and listening audiences, than truth and honesty. With Life, Liberty, And Levin, a show on the Fox network that reaches out to aging geriatrics, and a radio show that has a listening audience of about ten, both are designed to instill animosity toward anyone slightly to the left of the Republican party.

Like others of his ilk, Levin has carved out a comfortable niche for himself by being disingenuous, by attracting tons of suckers who are easily fooled by his bullshit rantings. He has previously made a great number of statements that would embarrass anybody with an ounce of integrity or common sense. But it’s apparent that the Great One’s head has swelled so much over the years that all shame and common sense must have leaked out through his ears, or must have never existed to begin with.

Under Obama he was constantly screeching that he was a Marxist, lawless tyrant through his use of executive orders – which according to all the conspiracy theories, numbered about – what – 900, 1,000 – compared to Bush’s meager 291?  Conservative media terrified their rubes that Obama would seize and confiscate their guns, but no mass confiscation ever took place. However, in the final year of Obama’s second term, the dreaded confiscation that conservatives had shrieked about all along, turned out to be an EO that mandated that the Social Security administration release info on recipients who wish to purchase a gun, which said info would be used in prohibiting a purchase. Conservatives screamed bloody murder.

When critiquing Obama’s policies, or anything he said or did, it was always without nuance or actual criticism that would lend credibility to his rantings. Instead, they were always laced with racial overtones and overt craziness.

Via his radio show:

“I think what they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for you racialists and race baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.
“We know you hate whites, Obama! He talks races, he uses race, he pushes race!”

Ironically, it was Levin who used race when it came to Obama.

In 2015, via his radio show, he accused the Obama’s of being full  of hate speech. Apparently, he had never listened to himself on the radio.

Obama was like Hitler because of Obamacare, and his supporters were akin to brown shirts. It didn’t matter that Obamacare was a law that passed through Congress, and not forced down America’s throat as conservatives were fond of proclaiming.

Obama was a Muslim terrorist sympathizer because he had the misfortune to have the middle name Hussein. No matter how many Muslim terrorists his administration targeted, like Osama Bin Laden, it was never good enough.

He has recently compared Black Black Lives Matter to the Confederacy, and in a recent interview he told the Washington Examiner that Obama has abused the black community more than any other modern politician, because during John Lewis’s eulogy Obama had the audacity to speak about protecting the right of minorities to vote, and police abuse against African Americans. He never did mention how Obama has abused the black community.

The day after the Jacob Blake shooting, via his radio show, Levin offered his unique perspective like only the Great One can.

Via Media Matters:

“You had something take place in Kenosha, where a longtime hoodlum, as it turns out – sex offender, others, other things – resisted police arrest. All we see is the very short clip. He walks around the passenger side of his car, walks into the driver’s side of the car – he’s brushing off the cops, who have their guns out – and he reaches into his car, going into his car, and then all you hear are shots. We’re told seven shots. He didn’t die. He’s expected to live.”

You had a man shot in the back. He was a hoodlum to Levin because like every conservative who isn’t racist, he believes African Americans are naturally more prone to crime. That’s not hyperbole. It can’t have anything to do with poverty, proximity, or lack of economic opportunity , or lack of an education.

“And so they’re rioting in this little town in Kenosha, which is what, a hundred twenty thousand people? Destroying buildings. I mean destroying them. Destroying a museum, a library, I’m looking at the list here. A car dealership was burned down. Lots of looting and rioting. All of these innocent shop owners livelihoods, families are being destroyed.”

93% of the protests were peaceful, so no, there haven’t been lots of looting and rioting. Buildings and businesses can be rebuilt. The dead cannot be replaced. The lives destroyed by police violence and the callous disregard for human lives, and their families grief, can’t be replaced.

“And Biden and Harris come out and trash the cops! I don’t know what went on here, none of us know. None of us. The guy is going into his car and for all they know he’s got a gun, because apparently some of the arrests he had in his past were for the use of a weapon.

Yes, we do know what went on here. We saw it on the video. It doesn’t matter that he had ‘arrests’ in his past. It didn’t matter that he may have had a gun in his car. It’s an open carry state. He wasn’t about to open fire on the police. That certainly would have gotten him killed. And Biden and Harris were right to criticize the police. Any sane person would. Any person defending the conduct of the police, and trashing the victims in these types of situations, is, in my opinion, a racist POS.

“I don’t have all the facts, I’m just giving a contrary possibility. So the cops just put seven bullets in him – we’re told he was shot in the back – because they wanted to execute a black man? I don’t believe that for two seconds.

The first rule of the use of a gun is, never fire a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. Sheskey’s intent was to execute Blake for daring to turn his back and defying police orders. I do believe that for two seconds. As I have said before, they could have stopped him without firing a single shot.

Blake got four bullets in the back for daring to defy the police, and conservatives, including Mr. Potato Head, have justified it. Meanwhile, a seventeen year old vigilante – who, it should go without mentioning, is white – and his compatriots, received bottled water and high fives all around for assisting the Kenosha police. Rittenhouse was even allowed to leave the scene of a crime after he had shot three people, killing two, and was not apprehended until the following day in his home state of Illinois. Conservatives, including Levin, have had a completely different reaction regarding Rittenhouse: he’s a hero, a patriot, he was defending himself from violent leftists who had initiated a violent confrontation, disregarding the fact that he had shot and killed someone before the pursuit began. Some idiots on social media went so far as to accuse them of being pedophiles.

And so the reaction now is to destroy, riot, don’t even know the facts, it doesn’t matter. And let’s be perfectly honest, if a white guy were shot like that nobody would give a crap. So why is it assume the cops are wrong when we don’t have all the facts? And why did the leadership of the Democratic party jump in and trash the cops and try to use it to attack and exploit the president? Is this sensible, rational? It’s demagoguery.”

The reaction was to protest. There will always be some rioting during protests involving racial injustice. But conservatives like Levin would rather ignore the protests and focus on the small amount of violence to paint all peaceful protesters as violent mobs. Which is evident in their constant coverage of the same recycled scenes of burning buildings and looting to support their narrative that Black Lives Matter protesters are violent anarchists out to overthrow America rather than people with legitimate racial grievances.

And let’s be perfectly honest, the police have shot their share of white people unjustly, but they would never shoot a white person in the back for resisting arrest or defying police orders. I honestly believe that. And if it ever happened, conservatives would not only give a crap, they would crap themselves to no end.

We don’t have to assume the cops are wrong even if we don’t have all the facts. They were wrong. They shot a man in the back. There is nothing to assume.

“We don’t have all the facts. It’s any excuse for a riot. arson. any excuse for looting. You’re gonna get backed by the media, the Democratic leadership, Can’t we get the facts, and then we’ll know who to blame for what!”

Again, the fact is, a coward shot a man in the back. The blame lies with the Kenosha police department and specifically the police officer who shot him, not Jacob Blake.


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