Katie Pavlich Race Baits Again, Defends The Cowardly Shooting Of Jacob Blake


0n the afternoon of August 23, Jacob Blake, father of three was shot non fatally seven times – four hitting him in the back – at close range while attempting to enter his vehicle. The incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The police had been alerted to the scene of a domestic dispute between several women. The call was allegedly placed by Blake’s girlfriend, one of the women involved in the dispute, who asserted that Blake had taken her car keys and would not give them back.

Blake had an alleged arrest warrant from the previous month relating to sexual assault and other charges. The woman who placed the call was the same woman who pressed the assault charges against Blake. When the police arrived, according to witnesses, Blake was attempting to intervene in the dispute. The police had been aware of the warrant out for his arrest. At some point, they attempted to taze him, while a police officer was reported to be yelling, Drop the knife! But according to witnesses Blake had no knife in his possession and he wasn’t resisting or being violent. At some further point, Blake walked to the driver side of his car – as was clearly seen in the video released on social media – where he leaned in, as officer Sheskey grabbed his left shirt sleeve and then fired into his back.

On the August 25th edition of Outnumbered, Pavlich made lame excuses for the cowardly shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha WI police officer, Rusten Sheskey.

Pavlich is a white supremacist and a law enforcement apologist who has a made a lucrative career of trashing African American victims of police violence. She has previously defended the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and other African American victims of police brutality.

Posing as a serious journalist at America’s premiere racist network, and the equally racist conspiracy site Townhall, where she is a publishing editor, she has previously published the ridiculous book – Fast And Furious Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal – that was debunked and discredited for it’s many inaccuracies and downright misinformation.

She has previously claimed that America was the first country to end slavery, for which she was raked over the coals on twitter, and has a long history of race baiting Black Lives Matter as being divisive and a domestic terrorist group that wants dead cops.

“You know, this has already been framed in racial terms but I think it’s really important to focus on the facts. We don’t know the whole story but what we do know, according to the Associated Press, is that witnesses heard the police saying ‘drop the knife’ while this man was walking away from police as they had guns drawn to get back in their car. We don’t know what was in the car when he got into the car. We don’t know what the police officers saw, and yes, the lack of the body camera footage will complicate that.”

The reason it’s been framed in racial terms is because these types of incidents involving law enforcement have occurred way too often to be seen as anything else. A police officer shoots a black man without due cause, the cop or cops involved in the shooting lie to cover their asses, and his or her buddies back them up.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred there is no justice for the victim. The officer or officers involved in these incidents are placed on leave, are rarely, if ever, fired and are rarely convicted. As a so called journalist, Pavlich should know this, but she chooses to ignore reality and excuse police corruption because it supports her narrative that black men put themselves in these situations by resisting arrest, and that cops are not racist and must be defended at all costs.

We do know the whole story. Blake was shot attempting to get into his vehicle. Plain and simple. He did not have a gun or a knife, that would justify four bullets in the back. If they wanted to stop him from getting into his vehicle, they could have done so without firing a single bullet.

A spokesperson for the Kenosha police claimed that Blake was armed with a knife, which justified the shooting, and that he had somehow put one of them in a headlock. But, according to the witness who filmed the incident that went viral on social media, he was not resisting arrest, was not being violent, and did not have a knife. The police spokesperson further claimed that the narratives other than their own were fictional. However, it’s clear who’s narrative was fictional – the Kenosha police. The video clearly shows that. The knife they claimed he had in his hand, was recovered from the floor of the front seat.

We also know, according to the Associated Press, that Blake was charged in July with sexual assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic abuse, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. So, these are difficult terms to be working with and I think the police are being blamed here right away for the situation.”

Whether Blake was resisting arrest or not prior to what was seen on the video, means absolutely nothing. It does not justify the police shooting a man – who has no weapon in his immediate possession – point blank in the back. This argument is a racist talking point when the victim of police violence are African American. ‘Well, if he had just complied with police orders, if he had just stopped resisting arrest, he might still be alive.’

Pavlich is a racist. No doubt about it. Her history of race baiting is well – documented by Media Matters, Newshounds, and other lefty media watch groups. She can deny it when confronted with evidence, but facts are not debatable.

On the charges of sexual assault, Blake pleaded not guilty via Zoom.

But I think the other question should be asked about whether Mr. Blake – whether the police put Mr. Blake in this situation with his children in the back of the car when he was shot, or whether Mr. Blake, who was asked to stop from getting into the vehicle, is the one who put himself in that situation after being told multiple times to stop resisting arrest. So, you know, the racial politics come into this right away, the mixing of different cases comes into it, but the facts that we have now tell a different story from the one that’s being told in a lot of reporting.”

As is typical of racial narrative, Pavlich has no problem blaming the victim. She is proudly joined by others on social media who are quick and all too eager to defend the police, and condemn the victim as a thug. Like some black victims of police violence, Blake has a past record, so naturally it was Blake who placed himself in the situation. The police share no responsibility for escalating the situation. They’re totally blameless. They can’t be criticized for failing to stop Blake from getting into his vehicle without resorting to shooting him. They had no choice. It was Blake who forced them to shoot him by being resistant.

Conservatives assume that black people are always guilty of a crime. After all, they’re naturally more violent because of the color of their skin or there wouldn’t be so much black on black crime, and so the police are always justified in their actions – even shooting a man in the back. So, Blake deserved what he got because he may have committed some crime or crimes in his recent past.

Racial politics come into it because a trigger happy police officer shot a man in the back, who could have been subdued a number of ways without being shot, and no amount of alternative facts change that.


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