Laura Ingraham Asks Viewers To Imagine The Response If ‘Pro-Life Christians’ Engaged In Portland-Style Riots | Fox News

“Laura Ingraham asks viewers to imagine response if ‘pro-life Christians’ engaged in Portland-style riots | Fox News”

Laura Ingraham, host of the ground breaking Ingraham Angle, asked her viewers during a recent episode how pro-life Christian conservatives would react to abortion rights cases.

“Now, imagine if some of these protesters were peaceful, but others came to cause real trouble. Imagine if they threw bottles of cement, bricks, and shot fireworks. Imagine if they used lasers at federal officials who were protecting the building. Imagine if they made Molotov cocktails and set cars on fire and that they did this night after night.”

Imagine if conservatives pointed guns at federal agents and threatened to murder them. Imagine what would happen if conservatives had gathered at state capitol buildings armed to the teeth to protest lock down orders. Imagine what would happen if conservatives refused to wear masks to limit the spread of COVID-19, and they did it day after day, making spectacles of themselves in grocery stores for all the world to see.

Imagine if America had a president who refused to wear a mask, who refused to take the crises seriously, while thousands of people died, all the while repeating the lie that his response to the pandemic has been excellent.

Imagine if we had a news media that claimed COVID was a Democratic hoax to bring down our greatest American president.

Imagine what would happen if conservatives had gathered in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, and somehow wound up running over a counter protester. Imagine if the president referred to them as very fine people. Imagine if conservative media had willingly played defense for them. Imagine if conservatives radicalized by what they hear and see on social media, walked into churches, synagogues, and mosques armed with assault weapons.

Imagine if pro-life conservatives had ever engaged in violence against Planned Parenthood clinics, destruction of property, including arson, firebombing, vandalism, and kidnapping, assault, attempted murder and murder, all in the name of their pro-life beliefs.

Imagine what would happen if conservatives ever behaved this way? Laura Ingraham wants you to believe the media would unfairly demonize them as violent and call for them to be arrested and prosecuted, and celebrate it because they’re hypocrites.

But we all know conservatives would never behave this way.  It’s really those liberals and progressives who often travel in mindless hordes of violent, angry mobs – looking to lynch and kill anyone who dares have an independent thought contrary to their own – that we have to worry about. It’s those radical, freedom-loving antifascist, milkshake throwing college kids ( who haven’t a single murder connected to them ) who are the real terrorists, the true fascists, not the actual fascists and Nazis – some of whom do have murders connected to them ), and many of whom are proud supporters of the current president.

Imagine if he called them terrorists and told them he didn’t want their support. Conservatives like Ingraham would lose their minds. 

Imagine conservatives upset by the injustice of abortion or upset by the school closures or anything for that matter. Imagine if they did anything close to this.”

There is no need to imagine. Anyone who isn’t a Kool aid drinking, Fox News viewer, knows the answer.


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