Right Wing Grifter Bashes Antifa as ‘Failed Leftist Ideology’ | Fox News


Laura Ingraham recently spoke to Gabriel Nadales, a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute on the Ingraham Angle. He claims to have been a former member who was in the radical extremist Leftist group Antifa, that just wants to start riots and wreak havoc because they believe in an ideology that is supposedly antithetical to American values of free speech and liberty.

He told Ingraham that he was in Antifa around 2011 and that they were the most violent group he had ever encountered. Apparently he’s never heard of the KKK, or the dozens of other right wing hate groups that are ten times as violent than any left wing group. Then he read a book on economics and suddenly his eyes were opened to the terror that is Antifa. Now he tours college campuses, where he – like many conservatives – claims conservatives have no free speech, and lectures to gullible conservative students how their freedoms and rights are being snuffed out by all the evil leftist college administrators and professors who are all secret members of Antifa like he was, and how they just want to indoctrinate their students with Marxism, communism, and other anti America s**t like allowing terrorist Antifa cells to recruit and indoctrinate on every college campus across America, oh my!

“I think it has to do with the fact that so many college administrators and college campuses allow Antifa to work under their noses.”

Campus Reform reported on a story from the University of Florida ( this past fall ). It was an Antifa group that was recruiting in broad daylight.

“Let me say this very clear,” Nadales added. “We don’t allow ISIS to recruit on college campuses and we should not allow Antifa to do that either.”

First of all, Antifa is not a terrorist group, organization, whatever. They have committed no acts of terror. They have not blown up any buildings or killed anyone in the name of leftism. To compare them to an Islamic terrorist army is not only ridiculous, it’s laughable. Certain individuals involved with the movement have, and do, sometimes engage in violent tactics during protests with white supremacists. Most are peaceful and use non violent tactics to counter Nazi and white supremacist activities. But don’t expect to hear that from conservatives. The goal is to paint the entire movement as violent thugs who are terrorizing law abiding citizens, blowing up buildings and burning down entire cities, which is also laughable, and simply not the case.

Instead, what you’re going to hear is s**t like this:

“Ronald Reagan, one of the best presidents of this great nation once said, ‘if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the form of liberalism.’ Interestingly, this is not only how it is coming to America as a whole, but how it is coming to our cities, towns, and communities.”

And this s**t:

“We know a fundamental aspect of fascism is the use of propaganda, and that is exactly what these pamphlets are,” the UF College Republicans added. “Graphics depicting fists aimed toward the president of the United States, are fundamentally anti American.”

Fascism has indeed come to America, but it has nothing to do with liberalism. Reagan was either being disingenuous, or was ignorant of the actual phrase that says When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

After the United The Right in Charlottesville, the conservative diaper wearing organization, Toilet Paper USA, used the quote in one of their s**ty memes to prove to their diaper wearing followers that their greatest president – besides Trump – had predicted the rise of Antifa. They actually believe he was right, and that’s embarrassing.

Second, the group referenced in the article was not black clad Antifa groups calling for violence on the campus of Florida State. It was a group called Civic Media Center, a “community based, non profit organization that serves as a resource for progressive grassroots organizing, activism, and public awareness in Gainesville,” according to its own website.

Wow. So radical. So extreme. So intimidating. So fascist.

Antifa pretends to be about fighting fascism, but then they define fascism as basically anything that does  not confirm to their leftist radical agenda, which goes back to what President Trump is doing,” Nadales told Ingraham.

“I’m incredibly happy that he’s finally declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization because that really helps fight against this false narrative that Antifa is fighting against anything but for their failed leftist socialist ideology.”

What they define as fascism, is fascism, not everything they disagree with. Conservatives like Nadales see fascism as leftists exercising their constitutional right to protest.

Trump’s declaration of Antifa as terrorists literally makes no sense, because Antifa have committed no acts of terror. However, what it does do, is give him the excuse to crack down on anyone who opposes his administration, label them Antifa sympathizers, arrest political opponents, and jail them indefinitely. 

From The Intercept:

Since there is no formal Antifa organization, the label is also expansive enough to provide cover for a wide range of crackdowns and retaliations against any number of protesters. Trump has blamed “ANTIFA” and Attorney General Bill Barr followed up by stating that the Justice Department will use its network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces to identify the “criminal organizers and instigators,” while specifically naming “Antifa and other similar groups.” At the same time that pointing the finger at “Antifa,” can rhetorically deny black agency, it can also be a tool to unleash the weight of Federal law enforcement against black protesters, as and when the government decides to apply the potentially capricious Antifa label. And leftist groups that have openly organized under the banner of ant-fascism will face further threats from law enforcement, which have already escalated under Trump.”

Last year, Nadales published an absurd article in The Hill referring to Antifa as the real fascists:

“Antifa, however, does not fight fascism,” he wrote. “They are the fascists. Labeling them as a terrorist organization will help to curb Antifa’s anti-America doctrine of political violence.”

Nadales is either one of two things: someone who is paid to say something this idiotic, or a compete moron to believe this, and there are plenty of morons among the MAGA crowd who believe it.

He seems to be ignorant of the fact that a sitting president cannot designate a domestic political movement a terrorist movement, much less a left wing political movement that hasn’t a single death attributed to it.

He also seems ignorant of the fact that there are right wing domestic terrorist groups that have actually murdered, like the KKK, and yet he doesn’t insist that the president label them a domestic terrorist organization. He likewise, has nothing to say about the authoritarian actions taken by the president against peaceful protesters.

He also gets his definition of fascism wrong. If Antifa are the true fascists, then Hitler was actually a communist, a Marxist, and a socialist, which ironically, some conservatives like Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, have hilariously claimed. Because the word socialist is in the name the National Socialist German Workers Party, they naturally assume that he was a liberal or a leftist. Trump loving MAGA head, Arthur Schaper made a similar claim in a ridiculous article in Townhall in 2017 claiming that the Charlottesville Nazis were actually leftists themselves and the two sides were really fighting each other over their own particular brands of socialism.

When Trump designated Antifa as terrorists, his a** licking sycophants at Fox News creamed themselves with joy. They knew it was a prelude to labeling anyone who opposes Trump’s authoritarian rule, as domestic terrorists – and that includes the entire Left.

I have a few questions for anyone reading this who might agree that designating Antifa terrorists, is a good idea. Would you also agree that labeling fascists as terrorists are also a good idea? What about the alt right, who actually have dozens of murders attributed to them? Where is Trump with his “both sides” rhetoric when it comes to the terrorism label? Why hasn’t he condemned both sides, like he did after Charlottesville? That’s very telling to leftists. It tells us that Trump doesn’t really have a problem with fascism. And would you object to people labeling you a fascist because of the fact that you oppose antifascists? Those are my questions.

There is no proof that Nadales has to offer that he was ever a member of the “radical anti American Antifa.” His claim – like the latest ‘Expose Antifa’ video by Project Veritas – is laughable at best. He is nothing more than a fraud and a grifter, paid by conservative millionaires to disseminate propaganda, fear and hatred about the right wing’s favorite Boogeyman.


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