Project Veritas, James O’Keefe Dupe Conservative Media With Antifa Vid

Project Veritas’s latest fake sting video.

I’m not surprised how many idiots fell for the latest Project Veritas sting video which claims to have recently infiltrated an organization that isn’t really an organization, that can’t be infiltrated because it isn’t an organization, but somehow Project Veritas managed to pull off the impossible.

Project Veritas – there’s a misnomer if I ever heard one – is the conservative group that hilariously promotes itself as “real journalism,” but is really nothing but propaganda, a smear machine. They gave us such groundbreaking stories as the Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Expose, the ACORN sting, the Washington Post sting, and many other failed and discredited attempts at journalism, and yet in the eyes of the conservative media, they remain credible. Go figure that out. Fox News, the Daily Wire, and other conservative fake news outfits have fallen for the latest hoax, as usual.

According to the article in the Daily Dot, the video allegedly exposes the Rose City, OR chapter of Antifa, who have been meeting in a local library. The thing is, the library, In Other Words, has been closed since the Summer of 2018.

The video features someone dressed in black, with a hoodie and sunglasses – obviously someone who was paid for the role – claiming to be a lieutenant in Antifa. The video also features some damning evidence of edited footage of training videos of ordinary self defense classes. Damning evidence indeed!

After the videos release, the video went viral on social media with the #exposeantifa, with right wingers, conservative idiots, including Dana Loesch, Dan Bongo, Michael Knowles, and equally idiot politicians like Marco Rubio, sharing it on Twitter while creaming themselves in ecstasy at the knowledge that Trump had previously designated them a terrorist organization.

Perhaps this will be the award winning video that finally gets Project Veritas that elusive Pulitzer prize they’ve been chasing all these years.


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