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Exposing Katie Pavlich For What She Is: A Race Baiting White Supremacist

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  Since the inception of Black Lives Matter, conservatives have been triggered by black people speaking against racism and social injustice. They have smeared and condemned the movement as racist and as┬ápromoting violence against law enforcement. The evidence? According to … Continue reading

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Right Wing Grifter Bashes Antifa as ‘Failed Leftist Ideology’ | Fox News Laura Ingraham recently spoke to Gabriel Nadales, a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute on the Ingraham Angle. He claims to have been a former member who was in the radical extremist Leftist group Antifa, that just wants … Continue reading

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Is Dana Loesch A Racist White Supremacist Calling For A Civil War? Are We High For Even Considering It? Here Is The Evidence, And It Doesn’t Look Good

This gallery contains 2 photos.     Months before president Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters marched in Charlottesville to save a beloved symbol of their southern heritage, Dana Loesch and the NRA produced their first video portraying anti-Trump protesters as violent mobs out to destroy … Continue reading

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Project Veritas, James O’Keefe Dupe Conservative Media With Antifa Vid I’m not surprised how many idiots fell for the latest Project Veritas sting video which claims to have recently infiltrated an organization that isn’t really an organization, that can’t be infiltrated because it isn’t an organization, but somehow Project … Continue reading

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