Dana Loesch: The Alt-Right Is Not Conservative



America’s biggest, baddest, toughest mother f**king gunslinger!

After the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., mainstream conservative pundits scrambled to distance themselves from the fascists that took the life of liberal activist Heather Heyer and injuring others, despite the fact that many of them are fascists. It became a familiar talking point from certain conservatives who wished to pretend that they share nothing in common with their alt right contemporaries. Instead, they made absurd excuses that they share more in common with the Left.

On her Facebook page, Dana Loesch wrote this:

“I want to make something incredibly clear. The alt right is NOT conservative… it is an identity politics movement. It is based in identity politics, just like Black Lives Matter is based in identity politics, just like Antifa is based in identity politics.”

Dana has a knack for making things incredibly clear.

After Charlottesville, Dana tweeted this:

The NRA itself is a political identity group, the most powerful and influential political identity organization in America, that not only represents the most marginalized group, the conservative gun owner – conservatives like Loesch would have you believe – but dictates policy by selling fear to it’s members by convincing them that their second amendment rights are under assault by liberals, leftists, Black Lives Matter activists, the media, and a black president whom they vilified as a gun hating Marxist whose ultimate goal was the complete and utter destruction of the second amendment and the confiscation of every gun loving patriot.

By her own logic, Dana should not be on their side. She should condemn them for their identity politics. But she will never hold the NRA to the same standards she has set for actual marginalized groups that she despises. Conservatives have no problem with identity politics when it benefits them. Identity politics are only a problem when marginalized groups engage in it.

She believes that the alt right is antithetical to conservatism. But like every conservative who believes this, she is being disingenuous. The alt right is every bit as conservative as mainstream conservatives. They share much more in common with one another than mainstream conservatives will admit, and yet they get on social media and put on a show about how much they despise the alt right.

She also believes that the alt right shares the same values and beliefs as Antifa and other political groups such as neo Nazis and the Klu Klux clan that look at identity over principles of freedom.

So, if the alt right is really antithetical to mainstream conservatism, then why do they share so many of the same values and beliefs, such as Christian values, limited government, a strong national defense of the military and law enforcement? Both groups have extreme nationalistic views on non white immigration, an extreme opposition to abortion – but see no problem supporting the death penalty – extreme views on gun rights, climate change denial, opposition to a welfare state, and share an irrational fear and hatred of black civil rights groups such as Black Lives Matter, non white immigrants, Muslims, and Antifa. They also hate liberals, Democrats, progressives, communists, and socialists. The alt right believes that non white immigration into America and Europe, is a Jewish plot, aided and abetted by Democrats, as a means to exterminate the white European race, and in the last few years this conspiracy has gained more and more credibility among the mainstream conservative right, who have spread it in both right wing and social media platforms.

Cultural Marxism is also a belief shared by both alt right and mainstream conservatives. From the New York Times:

“Cultural Marxists” are an unholy alliance of abortionists, feminists, gobalists, homosexuals, intellectuals and socialists who have translated the far Left’s old campaign to take away people’s privileges from “class struggle” into “identity politics” and multiculturalism.

Black Lives Matter is a social movement that believes black people have value and should be treated equally and fairly. They believe that black lives matter, hence the name. They know that systemic racism is real and that black people are disproportionately targeted by the system. Alt right as well as mainstream conservatives have absurdly labeled them as a terrorist and hate group.

Alt right and mainstream conservatives see no value in black lives, and have no interest in treating them equally and fairly. Their only interest has been to malign black activists as thugs, criminals, terrorists, and socialist agitators.

Antifa are comprised of anarchists, communists, and socialists. Like their name signifies, they oppose fascism, and go where they know they can disrupt the activities of fascists. They were a prominent presence in Charlottesville, along with Black Lives Matter activists, and other leftist protesters. Mainstream conservatives are often more critical of Antifa than they are of the alt right white nationalists they claim to despise, and yet they seem to have no problem with certain white nationalists in their ranks, like Michelle Malkin, who hilariously tweeted this after Charlottesville:

Curious, since she has now adopted the identity politics of the white nationalists who so proudly marched in Charlottesville, chanting blood and soil, and Jews will not replace us, and has recently come out in defense of neo Nazi, Nick Fuentes, and published a book after 9/11, In Defense Of Internment: The Case For Racial Profiling In World War 2 And The War On Terror. She has also, for years, been a regular contributor to the anti-Semitic, ad anti immigration website VDARE.

Although Antifa have used violent tactics, like Black Lives Matter they too have been absurdly maligned as a terrorist group by both the alt right and their mainstream contemporaries.

“Can we stop making everything about right and left, left and right?” Dana concluded. “Either you are for individual freedom; either you are for liberty and you believe in the constitution, or you don’t. There are no sides.”

So, the claim that the alt right have more in common with Antifa, neo Nazis and the Klan, because they are all based in identity politics, is mostly bulls**t. Mainstream conservatives are just as guilty of engaging in identity politics as their alt right contemporaries. White identity.


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