Fox’s Melissa Francis on Larry Kudlow: “I Sat Next To Him During The Last Crisis. He Had The Answers Last Time Around”

On the March 27 edition of his program, Sean Hannity had Lara Logan, and Melissa Francis on to complain about how unfair the mainstream media has been treating poor Donald Trump when he has actually shown nothing but great leadership during the pandemic.

Hannity: “Back in little ole 2007, no one would vet Barack Obama. I was one of the very few. And they didn’t like me for that. And I said journalism is dead. Dead, gone, buried, rest in peace.”


Actually, the media did vet Barack Obama’s background. They yammered nonstop on the birth certificate nonsense, as well as the Jeremiah Wright controversy. Fox News – including Hannity – and right-wing blogs like World Net Daily, and American Thinker, couldn’t shut the f**k up about either one during 2009. They fed the birther conspiracies for years while the so called liberal media basically ignored it for the non controversy that it was.

Francis: “I think you might be right about that, Sean. But I would say that lots of Americans aren’t listening to what the media is saying because they’re more concerned  with what’s going on with the virus and how we’re going to get the economy going again and feed their families and provide a future for their children. And I think, in that respect, what you don’t want is the team that brought us out of the last recession. The types of incentives and stimulus and things, that Obama and Biden put out there, created the most enemic worst recovery on record, and that’s according to the Federal Reserve.

So, probably, they’re thinking,’who is going to lead us out of this disaster and into a great economy again. You had Larry Ludlow on earlier. You know, I sat next to him during the last crises. He had the answers last time around. Now he’s in the right place to do something about it.

The worst recovery on record? Really? I don’t recall Melissa Francis, or any of the elites at Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN, experiencing financial hardship during the ‘worst recovery on record’ as she describes it.  The Obama administration came in on the coat tails of a recession that was bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month during the last six months of the Bush years, a total of about 3.5 million, according to Fact, and over the next few years the economy very slowly recovered and continued to recover as Trump came in. However, wages remained stagnant, a majority of Americans continued to live paycheck to paycheck as they struggled to make ends meet in very low paying jobs.

Francis fails to acknowledge these facts. Like other conservatives in the media, she would rather pretend that during the Obama years, the economy was terrible solely because of Obama, that the recession was his fault, and when Trump came in, the economy was suddenly unicorns and roses. Did Francis lose her job during the recession? Did she and her family struggle to pay the bills? Of course not. She’s a millionaire who will never have to worry about any of that. And she – or anyone else at Fox News – will never be included among the estimated 3 million and counting who have already lost their jobs.

Yes, most Americans are concerned about what’s going on with the pandemic, and they are listening to the experts, doing social distancing just in case they may be carrying the virus, so as to limit the spread to those who are more vulnerable to it. But just recently, the Fox News commentariat were telling their viewers that the virus was a Democratic, liberal hoax to attack the president, as another way to impeach him because they hate him so much. And now millions of people are out of work, wondering how and if they’re going to pay the bills, stay in their homes and apartments, put food on the table.

If she – and any of the dunces in her audience – are indeed thinking ‘who is going to lead us out of this disaster and into a great economy again,’ and that Larry Kudlow is the most qualified person to do so, then they are more than dunces; they are total morons. Larry Kudlow is a former Wall Street junior economist who has proven himself to be consistently wrong. He is on record denying that there was a recession when the country was going through a recession! More recently, he claimed that the virus had been contained, and later when Martha Raddatz of ABC news questioned him, he said, “Look, I’m as good as the facts are. At the time I made this statement, the facts were…contained. A lot of people agreed with me.”

Not the experts. He’s a former commentator for CNBC who read from a teleprompter, and now he’s in the White House for God sake, like he’s some kind of f**king expert.

Francis wants him in charge? Good God. I would rather have the last administration. At least they knew what the f**k they were doing.

This current administration hasn’t got a f**king clue.


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