Mark Levin: “The Radical Left Are Responsible For White Symmetry, And Anti-Semetrics, Not Trump!”

Levin: “Clean the wax out of your ears and listen real good! The radical left and anti-Semetric socialites are responsible for white symmetry and anti-Semetrics.”

After another day of ignoring impeachment proceedings, Mark Levin took to his radio show to complain to his audience of two listeners how the Democrats and their allies were continuing their subversion of American Democracy, by calling Trump a racist, and impeaching him without probable cause.

“Let’s talk about white symmetry!” he said in his silly, nasally tone.
“Let’s talk about anti-Semetrics!
“Let’s talk about Charlottesville!
“Let’s talk about El Pesto!
“Let’s talk about the Daytona shooter!
“Let’s talk about the Christchurch shooter!
“Let’s talk about the Lost Vegas Shooter!
“Let’s talk about Charleston Heston!
Let’s talk about the impeachment!

“You know who’s responsible for white symmetry and anti-Semetrics? I’ll tell you who’s responsible. The radical left! That’s right, I said it. Call me and tell me I’m wrong to all the liberal pukes out there who are hunched over in front of their radios, snickering and sneering as they mock the sound of my voice.

“That’s right, you pathetic morons! Clean the wax out of your ears and listen real good, because I’m only gonna say this once. The radical left, Antifa, and their anti-Semetric progressive socialites in Congress are responsible for white symmetry and anti-Semetrics!

“Did you hear that you pathetic little pukes?! If not, then you need to clean all the wax out! Get a Q tip and dig around in there real good. You’ll get it all eventually.

“Now shut the hell up and listen!

“They inspired the El Pesto shooter, not Fox News. They want to bring millions of illegals in to vote for them, for God sake! And make more pesto! I hate pesto!

“They inspired the Daytona shooter, not Trump! It was that socialite Elizabeth Warren who inspired him, for God sake!

“They inspired the Charlottesville Nazis! They wanted to remove a historical statue that had nothing to do with slavery, for God sake!

“They inspired the Christchurch shooter. He said he hated Trump, for God sake!
“They inspired the Lost Vegas shooting! The guy worked for Antifa, for God sake!

“They inspired the Charleston Heston shooting! They wanted to kill Christians and blame it on conservatives and Charleston Heston to make them look racist, for God sake!

“They inspired Trump’s impeachment! Not that he did anything wrong, but they simply hate him and want to take all of his peaches away from him because he’s the greatest president who ever lived! They’re the white symmetrists and anti-Semetrics for wanting to impeach him in the first place, for God sake! Don’t you agree, Mr. Producer?”

Mr. Producer: “Not quite. It’s white supremacy, and anti-Semites, not white symmetry, and anti-Semetrics.

“I knew that, Mr. Producer. What do think I am? Stupid?”


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