Dana Loesch Flubs Gun Control Logic: “There Are Too Many Illegals To Deport, But Gun Confiscation Is Possible”


In the wake of the El Paso shooting, Dana Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to complain about not being invited to the CNN Town Hall on gun violence, and how unfortunate and unfair it was that gun control proponents were continuing to push their shameful agenda of wanting to prevent future shootings from occurring.

“I wasn’t invited to participate,” she told Carlson. “I always go everywhere good discussion is happening or where I think I can have some kind of impact in terms of bringing factual arguments, reason-based arguments to the subject, because it’s incredibly important. So, they didn’t ask me.”

She certainly failed to bring factual and reason based arguments to the previous town hall. All she did was deflect blame and lie. As a representative of the most powerful and influential gun lobby, that routinely and legally bribes politicians to oppose any gun control legislation despite the fact that a majority of Americans want stricter gun laws, she took no responsibility for the mass proliferation of guns on American streets. Instead, like the true coward that she is, she blamed the Parkland shooting on the Florida Sheriff’s department, and in particular, Scott Israel.

She’s also a narcissist who loves to play the victim at every opportunity, which she took full advantage of by claiming that the 2018 town hall was totally unfair and one sided against her and the NRA, failing to grasp the fact that people were understandably upset that high school students had just been murdered by a former student who had been trained to shoot by the NRA.

After the town hall, she ran to CPAC, where she made odious statements, and then to Fox News where she lied about how she barely made it out of the building alive.

Perhaps these reasons had something to do with the fact that she was not invited.

Regarding Chris Cuomo – who is allegedly pro gun control – as a neutral moderator of 2019’s town hall:

“I think that’s asking a lot of viewers to sort of suspend their reality and accept him as a neutral individual. I don’t think they can.”

Yeah,” Carlson said. “There’s nothing neutral about him.”

Compared to people like Carlson and Loesch, he’s been a hell of a lot more neutral when interviewing guests on CNN, and like every journalist and commentator on the network, often allowing conservatives to lie through their teeth without challenging them. Right wingers often absurdly claim that CNN is a liberal network , but if that’s the case, why do they always fail to take the liberal or progressive side on an issue? It’s anything but liberal.

Dana, and Tucker Carlson would have no problem with herself, or anyone else who is a pro gun nut, as a moderator. Anything else is biased and unfair.

Carlson then asked her about Joe Biden’s scary remarks about sending jack booted thugs to the homes of law abiding gun owners to demand they surrender their guns.

“Wow. I’m amazed at this argument from individuals who say that you can’t deport people who enter the country illegally because there’s too many of them, but yet at the same time, they say you can go door to door to millions of homes and you can take a perfectly legally owned, legal to own objects from law abiding innocent people. You’re confiscating guns by force. What are you going to use to take people’s guns? Guns!”

I’m not aware of anyone – Democrat or otherwise – claiming it’s impossible to deport illegal aliens because there are just too many, but you can go to millions of homes to illegally seize guns. However, I am aware that what people like Dana Loesch are conveniently ignoring, is the “gun buy back” part of the argument. They ignore it because their intent is to stoke the fear of the gun nut crowd that the Democrats are only interested in illegally confiscating their precious guns, instead of compensating them financially.

And does she honestly believe that government agents want to, or even have the time, to go door to door just to confiscate millions of guns? If she does, then she’s delusional.

They always claim that Democrats, the Left, and liberals, want to repeal the second amendment. Never mind the fact that Democrats, liberals, and leftists also own guns.

It’s never going to happen. But that’s the mind set of these people. They see themselves as victims of a tyranny imposed by a majority of Americans who want stricter gun control laws because they’re sick and tired of seeing children slaughtered in schools with weapons that should be illegal.

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