Republican Doofus: “If Republicans Said This About Obama’s Kids, They’d Be Thrown In Jail”

On a recent episode of Outnumbered Overtime, Ford O’Connell told guest host Melissa Francis that it was typical of Democrats to get away with making fun of and criticizing president Trump and his family without facing any consequences for their actions.

“Democrats lecture Republicans every single day about civility and proper norms for the problem is the rules don’t apply to themselves and they dragged a 13-year- old boy into this. Why? Solely because they hate Donald John Trump,” O’Connell said.

“”Imagine for example a Republican witness had said this about the Obama children or Chelsea Clinton back in the 90s, they’d be thrown in jail! It’s unbelievable! The Democrats basically say because they don’t like Trump, they hate Trump, the rules don’t apply and they do anything to get Trump and embarrass his family. It’s a sad day in America!”

Hear that, Democrats? Everyone who criticized Sasha and Malia, were thrown in jail.

Rush Limbaugh was thrown in jail for calling Chelsea Clinton a dog. Poor Rush.

Alex Jones, who claimed Michelle Obama was really a man, was thrown in jail along with his thousands of followers.

Everyone at Fox News were thrown in jail for telling their viewers that Obama was a Marxist, a Muslim, that he hated America, that he travelled throughout Europe and the middle east with his band on the aptly titled The Apology Tour With Barack Obama And The Alinsky Hustle, where they played anti American Hip Hop, and how he banned all their guns.

SpongeTed Squishy Pants was thrown in jail after Obama’s reelection, where he stewed in his own s**t until he was heroically pardoned by Donald Trump.

Santa Claus, and the Thanksgiving Turkey were also pardoned by Trump.

Sadly, there are those among the Trump crowd that will believe all of this s**t to be true. Just as they believe the talking point that the Democrats have created the Ukraine scandal out of whole cloth just to embarrass Trump because they lost the election, instead of the fact that Trump and his family have done a better job of embarrassing themselves with their words and deeds, than the Democrats ever could, and it is indeed a sad day in America that we have a portion of the mainstream media that feels no shame or embarrassment in defense of his clownish behavior.


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