Fox And Friends: Mainstream Press Stoking Racial Tension To Paint “Whites As The Enemy” Says HeatherMacDonald

“Democrats are the real racists, not Trump. They won’t stop reminding us we’re white!”

Whenever a conservative claims that Democrats and/or anyone on the left is stoking racial tension, you can be sure that’s it actually them who are doing it.

Fox News and right wing press did it repeatedly with their coverage of the numerous fake Obama scandals, their race baiting coverage of the events in Ferguson and Baltimore, the Charleston AME shooting, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, that Black Lives Matter was a threat to white America, and more recently, the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

Heather MacDonald appeared on a recent segment of Fox And Friends to complain about the alleged racial division of the leftist media to “paint white people as the enemy.”

She started with the following complaints that the leftist media is: unfairly “characterizing Republican politicians and voters in terms of race”; describing Trump rallies as being all “white”; that Republicans on the House Judiciary committee during the Kavanaugh hearing, were all referred to as “white”; and that Democratic candidates are always  “lecturing on white privilege.”

“The Democratic candidates lecture voters constantly about their white privilege. The New York Times even has a race editor to keep race in the forefront, to keep it boiling at an absolute fever pitch.

” When Trump criticizes people it’s on the basis of their policies. When he criticized Representative Elija Cummings for presiding over a city that is now experiencing it’s highest per capita homicide rate in its history, where children are routinely gunned down on street corners, it became about race. But when he criticizes Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, it’s not about race.”

What policies were Elijah Cummings responsible for in Baltimore? He was not responsible for the governance of Baltimore. That was the job of the mayor and the city council. Interesting that she’s blaming Cummings for gun violence in Baltimore, when she should have been condemning the NRA. When Trump criticized Cummings for the poor and rat infested conditions in Baltimore, it was based on race, and MacDonald is playing the race card herself while claiming it has nothing to do with race.

“If racist Cummings would focus more of his energy on helping the people of his district, and Baltimore itself, perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess that he has helped to create over many years of incompetent leadership,” Trump tweeted.

“There is nothing racist in stating what most people already know, that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and Baltimore itself. Dems always play the race card when unable to win with facts,” Trump tweeted.

It’s ironic that as he blamed Cummings for poverty in Baltimore, he played the race card to distract from his policies which actually have contributed to conditions of poverty and homelessness in America. Thousands of jobs have been outsourced since Trump took office, and over the next few years thousands of people will lose their SNAP benefits.

It’s also ironic that back in 2015, Trump blamed Obama for conditions in Baltimore. However, now that he’s president, he’s not responsible.

Cummings didn’t preside over Baltimore and wasn’t personally responsible for the conditions there. He represented it as part of his district, and represented the constituents who voted for him. The mayor and the city council preside over Baltimore , and are responsible for implementing local policy.

“They’re committed to a narrative that America remains endemically racist and only they can save minorities from the deplorables who vote for Trump,” MacDonald said.

That is a false narrative. This country has changed radically. There is not a single mainstream institution that is not doing everything it can to promote and hire so called people of color, and I think they are engaged in racial division. They want to see whites as the enemy, and the thing I worry about the most is that this is creating a tribal identity politics. It is inevitable that some white people are going to say, ‘well, if you’re talking about toxic white privilege, toxic white male privilege, and you’re giving us a white identity, we will embrace that too. And this is going to be a very hard thing to pull back on, but it’s up to the sources of this false narrative, this dangerous narrative, those sources being left wing academy that sends this stuff into the mainstream body politic, to pull back on this rhetoric.”

Has MacDonald ever watched Fox News? This is a network that traffics in and promotes white grievance, tribal “white male” identity politics, by convincing their viewers that their identity is under attack by liberals, progressives, feminists, black activists , and illegal immigrants. White people don’t need Democrats creating tribal identity politics, when they have Fox News, like Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham, to do it for them.

She ended with blaming the left for white supremacist shooters.

“To be honest, I think theses mass shootings, although they are a miniscule portion of gun homicide in this country, we are giving these alienated young white males who are cut off from family, from traditional sources of meaning, a pariah identity that is going to have some effects.”

The El Paso shooter, who killed twenty-two people last summer in El Paso, Texas, left behind a manifesto that mirrored the anti immigrant rhetoric that Fox News and other right wing news outlets have been pushing for years. In that manifesto he admitted to buying into the Great Replacement theory. If anyone is assigning these white supremacist shooters a pariah identity, it is Fox News which has very recently promoted the Great Replacement theory, the theory that white civilization is somehow threatened or under attack by an “invasion” of brown people, whether they are Muslims, or south Americans, and that something should be done to stop it. This is what is known as stochastic terrorism.

But don’t assign any blame to Fox News. It’s all the fault of the leftist media because they dare complain about ‘white privilege, or mention the fact that Trump rallies are ‘all white.’ That’s where the real racism is coming from, not Fox News.

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