Tammy Bruce Calls Out Climate Change Hypocrites On Fox And Friends: “Stop Pooping”


Democrats, if you want us to take you seriously about climate change, stop pooping. But don’t expect us to do the same.

Fox News contributor, Tammy Bruce, blasted climate change activists and believers because they continue to defecate and live their lives.

“They’re such hypocrites,” she said on Monday’s edition of Fox And Friends.

“They say they believe climate change is a serious threat, but they’re all talk and no action. If they truly believe it’s a serious threat to our survival, why aren’t they doing something about it? Why aren’t they out marching in the streets, or petitioning Congress, the United Nations, or -“

“If I’m not mistaken,” Brian Kilmeade interrupted, “they are marching, and petitioning.”

“I wouldn’t call that doing something,” Bruce continued. “If they really wanted to do something about climate change, there are several things they can do to prove how serious they are. But we all know that’s never going to happen, so we need to point out how hypocritical they are for continuing to breath, eat, drink, belch, fart, pee and poop. Most of these activities release copious amounts of methane, much more than a cow fart does, but at least a cow is more productive.

“These people, on the other hand, are totally useless. All they do is stink up the planet and pretend their poop doesn’t stink, and then complain that we need to ban cars, planes, hamburgers, and cows and their farts.

“Well, I don’t think so. Why should we have to give up all of those good things? That’s not fair to the rest of us who believe this whole climate change is a Chinese hoax like the president says it is. Why should we stop living our lives just because they believe cow farts are a threat to their survival? What about their own farts?”

“I like breathing. I also like eating hamburgers, and drinking, and it just so happens that belching and farting, and pooping and peeing is a part of the process. I know that peeing and pooping isn’t pleasant, but it’s something we have to talk about because it’s something we all do, and if we have to give up hamburgers, flying, driving, and fossil fuels, then they have to stop peeing and pooping. It’s as simple as that. Only then can we take them seriously. Just don’t ask us to do the same.”

Looking embarrassed , Steve Doocey suggested, “Can we please not talk about pee and poop anymore?”

Pinching her nostrils, Earhardt agreed. “Yes, please, it’s gross and disgusting.”

They moved on to complain about how Democrats are hypocrites for attending a steak fry in Iowa, and that the Obama’s had used a separate plane to fly their dogs, speculating that Sunny and Bo must also believe in climate change, and had probably peed and defecated in flight, thereby exposing themselves as hypocrites.

“If Democrats want to be taken seriously about the climate,” Bruce concluded, “they need to practice what they preach. Don’t say that we have to stop eating hamburgers, stop flying, stop driving, and using fossil fuels, and then go and take a dump. No one is going to believe them, and they expose themselves as hypocrites when they do.”


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