RW Doofus: “Ferguson Riots: Obama Fans The Flames of Racism to Divide and Conquer” The No Common Sense Show

On August 09th, 2014, eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Rioting and protesting occurred the day after the shooting. A grand jury was convened to examine any evidence to determine whether to indict Wilson, and after it failed to do so, rioting and protesting broke out again. Obama called for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson, condemning the rioters, and urged protesters to effect political change to improve relations with law enforcement. He demonstrated empathy for the Brown family, while criticizing police abuse of authority. The DOJ concluded that Darren Wilson did not violate the rights of Michael Brown, and that he had most likely been shot in self defense.

There was a later separate investigation into the Ferguson Police Department regarding the racial abuses toward its minority citizenry. The reports conclusion did not come back in the Ferguson PD’s favor.

None of this was good enough for the race baiting doofus’s in the media who hated the nation’s first black president. Everything that happened in Ferguson, from the shooting of Michael Brown, the rioting, to the police abuse of authority against journalists and protesters, was all the fault of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and black people in general. If they had just kept their mouths shut and kept their big fat noses out of where they did not belong, the rioting and violence in Ferguson never would have happened.

It was Obama and Holder’s fault that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

It was Obama and Holder that caused the rioting and the protesting.

Obama, and Holder we’re “race baiting”, “fanning the flames of racism” according to this doofus because Obama had the unmitigated audacity to acknowledge that there has always been racial tension that exists between law enforcement and black people , that systemic racism exists in law enforcement. Their whole anti Obama philosophy was that he disrespected law enforcement and incited hatred against them by being mildly critical, that his so called anti cop rhetoric was responsible for the deaths of cops under his watch.

Obama had to keep his big mouth shut and not criticize police abuse of authority to keep the crybabies from s**ting their pants. Otherwise, he was race baiting, and “fanning the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Fox News and other right-wing media outlets that fanned the flames of racism with their idiotic “Obama and Holder are fanning the flames of racism by stirring up racial tensions in Ferguson”, narratives.

It wasn’t the media narratives portraying Brown as a criminal and a thug, in the weeks and months following his death that “fanned the flames of racism.”

It wasn’t Darren Wilson who “fanned the flames of racism” when he shot an unarmed Michael Brown, in a city that had been rife with racial tension between the police and it’s black citizenry, for years. I won’t even get into a possible cover up of the shooting that may have played a role.

It wasn’t as if racial tension had already been stirred up by the shooting. Hell no! Everything was unicorns and roses in Ferguson before Obama and Holder came along and stirred up the pot of racial stew. Everybody was getting along so well. Then Obama and Holder swaggered arrogantly upon the scene and convinced everyone that the police were all racist and were out to get them.

From the linked article:

“Regardless of the verdict ( the grand jury ), there was going to be rioting, looting and violence. Why? Because of people like Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and President Obama. Each of these three leaders fanned the flames of hatred and racism. I expected something like this from someone like Al Sharpton who sees racism in ever social situation in America…”

Like every other right-wing doofus, his only interest is laying all the blame for the events in Ferguson at the feet of black people, Holder, and Sharpton.

He also never bothers to mention the peaceful protests that took place there. He isn’t interested in the fact that there were protests. His whole shtick is to focus on the looting and the rioting so he can have something to blame on Obama, Holder, and Sharpton. Yeah, this guy is totally not racist.

Nor did he mention police misconduct against journalists and protesters.

Yes, there was going to be rioting and protesting regardless of a verdict, because the residents of Ferguson knew Wilson would most likely not be indicted.

It had to do with Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, my ass!

Again from the article:

“As far as fanning the flames of racially motivated violence, Holder is in good company. Nowhere is there more evidence of race baiting than we are seeing coming out of the White House…

First of all, it was Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown. What the hell Holder had to do with it, I have no f**king clue. All he did was call for an investigation.

Second, the only evidence of race baiting was coming from the mouths of doofus’s like this guy, and right-wing media.

It was sane words like these that had the race baiting Doofus’s s**ting their depends:

“There are real problems and a deep mistrust between law enforcement and people of color around the country.”

If this doofus thinks this is race baiting, he needs to clear the cob webs from his brain. Obama’s comments on the events in Ferguson were nuanced. He chastised the Ferguson police for violating the Civil Rights of the protesters, condemned violence against the police, and the rioting and looting.

This doofus was upset that he even criticized the police. According to these a**holes, the police are blameless in any situation involving brutality against an unarmed citizen, especially if they are black, Hispanic, or Latino. These people are all just criminals and thugs anyway, so why waste sympathy on them? Michael Brown was a known thug, right, so he got what he deserved.

Law enforcement is an institution that the right has elevated to sainthood. They can do no wrong, and they must never be criticized. How dare you suggest that there are problems and mistrust between people of color and law enforcement? That would imply that racial bias may play a role. But that’s nonsense! The police can’t be racist. It’s a lie perpetuated by liberals and Obama, who are the real racists because they always see racism where it doesn’t exist!

A black man, who has experienced racism first hand, acknowledges the fact that mistrust exists between people of color and law enforcement for good reason, because of racial bias, and he’s accused of race baiting, of fanning the flames. These people are absolutely pathetic. They pretend racism is not a problem in law enforcement and the justice system and then turn around and complain about black on black crime, and that the entire time Obama was president he was going to start a race war. How f**king pathetic can these people get?

The doofus goes on to blame Obama for the looting and property damage in Ferguson, as if he never called for peace and calm.

I must have missed all of the news conferences where Obama encouraged looting and violence.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with racial profiling, or the fact that black people are twice as likely to be charged for a non violent drug offense, receive longer sentences, and be killed while unarmed in a confrontation with law enforcement. Or the decades of  Jim Crow laws marked by violence against black citizens. It’s because Michael Brown decided to rob a convenience store in Ferguson, and Barack Obama’s failure to honor any slain law enforcement officers ( even though he did on many, many occasions ). This is where all of America’s racial tension really comes from.

The doofus also goes on to personally blame Obama for the deaths of every police officer for the year 2013, pretending that he never honored their sacrifices, ignoring the fact that each year at the State Capitol Obama did honor police officers that had died while on duty the previous year.

The doofus also holds Obama and Holder personally responsible for the death of Brian Terry, and that he, Obama, never tried to reach out to his parents, when in fact he did reach out to them. Like the events in Ferguson, he wants to pin all responsibility on the Fast And Furious scandal at the feet of Obama and Holder. If he had bothered to read the Inspector General’s report into the investigation of the operation, he would have known who was responsible for Brian Terry’s death. But he wasn’t interested in the facts.

Why did Obama, and Holder fan the flames of overt racism, and engage in a display of mistrust of the legal system in America? Simple, Obama and Holder need distractions that will take the nations eyes away from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, the IRS scandal, and the Tea Party harassment. Divide and conquer along racial lines is Obama’s best friend…”

If calling for an investigation into the questionable shooting of an unarmed teenager, and acknowledging that there is mistrust between people of color and the legal system, is fanning the flames of overt racism, then everything is racist. Brown’s parents and the residents of Ferguson wanted answers, deserved answers that they were not getting. They had to wait through several months of stonewalling from the Ferguson police department and the legal system. This doofus never bothered to mention these facts.

They also needed distractions from Benghazi, Fast And Furious, and the IRS scandals. Most Americans knew that these so called scandals were massively blown out of proportion due to the reports that had been released, but Republicans ignored them, positive that Obama, Clinton, and Holder deliberately allowed people to die in Benghazi, and Fast And Furious.

As this doofus accuses Obama of seeing everything through racial lines, he sees everything through race by blaming Obama and Holder for the events in Ferguson.


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