(2) Charlie Kirk on Twitter: “Ralph Northam admitted to wearing either blackface or a KKK hood in a photo The President told a congresswoman that if she doesn’t like America, she can leave One is racist The other is standing up for his country Which one do you think the media endlessly harassed? 🤔” / Twitter



Professional Republican grifter and douche, Charlie Kirk, the diaper wearing founder and executive director of Toilet Paper USA, never gets tired of making a fool of himself. In 2017, he and his followers wore diapers on Kent State campus to protest safe spaces, while liberals laughed and mocked them endlessly. Likewise, he made a fool of himself at last year’s Politician when he tried to pick a fight with The Young Turk’s Chenk Uygur by claiming that he lives like a capitalist every day while taking a butt load of money from wealthy donors.

He also recently embarrassed himself with this tweet:

“Fact: the US economy just passed a record with 121 straight months of historic growth. If any of the 25 Democrats running are elected in 2020, they will break that 121 month streak. Trump is delivering results for American. Don’t let Democrats destroy them.”

He deleted the tweet because other twitter users knew he was full of s**t and were making fun of him. 

In a recent tweet, claiming that Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is a worse example of a racist than the current occupant of the White House, because he appeared in black face in a year book photo.

Fox News partisan hack, Sean Hannity used the embarrassing scandal to claim that Democrats are the party of racism, while failing to mention the fact that since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, Republicans have openly run their campaigns appealing to white racist voters in southern states, hence the southern strategy. Nor did he mention the fact that Neo-Nazis and white supremacists ran for office in the primaries and mid terms. 

Many conservatives followed suit with ridiculous tweets, like this one from Kirk.

“The Republican party freed the slaves.

Ended segregation.

Passed the Civil Rights Act.

Deployed the 101 Airborne to end school segregation.

The Democrats fought for slavery.

Founded the KKK.

Filibustered to kill the Civil Rights Act.

Know your history. Free your mind.”

Charlie has yet to free his mind from all of the right-wing propaganda that’s been pumped into his brain over the years.

Are Republicans like Kirk even aware that the Civil Rights Act passed with bipartisan support? I doubt it. They’ve been told by right-wing media that the Republican party as a whole championed civil rights, and today are still the champions of civil rights, where the KKK are still Democrats, and the president of the United States is not racist, despite all the evidence to the contrary. The real racists are the progressive members of the Democratic party – most of whom happen to be women of color – because they dare to be critical of government corruption under a Republican president.


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