Matt Walsh on Twitter: “He didn’t “claim” he disavowed it. He did disavow it. What an incredibly stupid headline.”


What is incredibly stupid is that conservatives like Matt Walsh get on twitter, and their s**tty opinion shows like Blaze TV and deliberately lie after all of America saw the clip of Trump lying about a congresswoman and then smiling and looking smug as his mindless sycophants chanted, “Send her back!”

He didn’t disavow s**t. He lied, like he always does when confronted with a lie.

This is the same a**hole who, last year, joined a chorus of other right wing media a**holes, all claiming that the MAGA Bomber was a liberal conspiracy to smear Trump and conservatives as violent. He also promoted the smear that the Democratic party is the party of infanticide, that aborting new born infants is acceptable to liberals and Democrats.

So, according to this a**hole, they believe murder is acceptable. Conservatives like him are contemptible pieces of s**t.

These a**holes have no conscience, and there is no chance that any of them would ever feel embarassed about being caught in a lie. Just lie again and again like the president does when he is caught in a lie.


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