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Stupid Conservative Memes #80 NRA Edition _ “Armed Conservatives Are Totally Awesome And Peaceful, But Liberals Are Violent Mobs”

Conservatives who own guns are totally awesome, and non violent, but liberals who protest are out of control mobs.  Here are some awesome examples of conservatives being totally awesome, and non violent : The 2017 Unite The Right Rally. A … Continue reading

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“What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?

Are they talking Obama, or Donald Trump?

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Right Wing News Doofus Calls Michael Moore A Marxist For Telling The Truth About Trump Voters

This gallery contains 1 photo. Right Wing News is a wingnut news and opinion website that features articles that specializes in fake news and loads of Democrat and liberal bashing. A few of its contributors, like John Hawkins, who runs it, also contribute to … Continue reading

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Conversation With A Typical MAGA Chump

If you’re a liberal or a progressive who has a relative or a friend who is a MAGA hat wearing Chump , you’ve no doubt been frustrated when trying to have a conversation with them having anything to do with … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Admits To Soiling Himself To Avoid The Draft

For years , conservative hero , and musician , Ted Nugent , who once described himself as a black guitar player from Detroit , has been depicted by many of his critics as a living parody due to an interview … Continue reading

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How GOP’s anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi campaigns fared in the midterms – Opinion – Israel News

This gallery contains 3 photos. It’s been nearly two months since Ilhan Omar criticized the Jewish lobby -AIPAC- driving the Republican party , and most of the pussy Democrats as well , into fits of hysteria. Will they ever recover? Probably not. It’s a … Continue reading

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