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Democrats Creating a ‘Safe Space’ for Anti-Semitism? Why Republicans Are Sounding an Alarm | CBN News Barely one month after Ilhan Omar joined congress as a freshman Justice Democrat representing the state of Minnesota , she was falsely accused of anti-Semitic tropes and smeared as an anti-Semite , simply because she dared criticize Israel’s influence … Continue reading

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Mark Levin Has Proven Himself To Be Exactly What He Accuses Ilhan Omar Of Being – A Shameless Bigot   It’s evident that what conservatives are bellyaching about liberals and Democrats supposedly being guilty of , they’re pretty much guilty of it themselves. It’s called psychological projection , accuse your opponents of what you are guilty of. … Continue reading

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What Trump Supporters Want – A Dictator For President!

This Trump loving idiot just admitted that she’s OK with fascism. The Young Turks break it down.

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Meghan McCain Heckled By Pervert On The View

Meghan McCain loses her mind on the view over criticism that she’s an airhead.😀 Continue reading

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