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Democrats Propose Legislation To Build A Wall Around President Trump

Democrats in the senate have come up with an idea they’ve been considering since before president Trump took office. To troll the president by proposing legislation to build a wall around him , and have his supporters and Republicans pay … Continue reading

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Crazy Fox News Commentator , Jeanine Pirro , Removed From Live Broadcast A Second Time In Straight Jacket

Jeanine Crazy Jeanine is back! Just weeks after being released from a New York mental health facility , Jeanine Pirro was back to her old tricks again at Fox New , ranting about the Democrats and their deep state … Continue reading

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NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch , On Hannity : Gun Confiscation Will Cause Mass Spoonings

Dana Loesch is a conservative radio and media commentator , and NRA spokesperson. According to her Wikipedia page , she is the current special assistant to the executive vice president for public relations for the NRA , a position she … Continue reading

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Trump Media Advisory Board Member , Dr. Gina , Tells Lou Dobbs That NFL Protesters Should Have Protested Everything Obama Did , Not The National Anthem Gina Loudon , aka Dr. Gina , is a conservative media and radio commentator. She claims to have a PhD and two Masters in psychology. But according to the Daily Beast , and The Hill she has no such … Continue reading

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Mediocre Christian actor Kevin Sorbo returns Nikes Because They Hurt His Feelings| TheBlaze First they wore diapers on college campuses to protest safe spaces. Then they smashed their Keurig coffee machines to protest the company pulling it’s ads over Sean Hannity’s support of child molester Roy Moore. This summer when Nike chose … Continue reading

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Tired of liberal bias on social media platforms? Donald Trump Jr. may have a solution | TheBlaze Are you tired of liberal bias in the lame stream liberal media? Are you tired of the liberal media criticizing and attacking the president for no reason? Are you tired of college campuses and their liberal bias? Are you … Continue reading

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How Barack Obama Ruined America And Was The Worst President Ever … Part 3

If you dislike Barack Obama as much as I do , then you know for a fact he was the worst American president , from his Marxist policies like Obama care , to giving away free stuff like Obama phones … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservative Memes #71 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

These liberal logic memes are always so amusing. Not that they’re actually funny. They’re not. They’re stupid as hell which makes them so amusing. What’s even more amusing , is that there are actual conservatives who have drunk enough kool-aid … Continue reading

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