How President Trump Saved Christmas From Obama The Grinch

The King of kooks , crackpots , wackos , and fruitcakes.

Throughout Obama’s two terms in the White House  , Fox News and right-wing media promoted the war on Christmas as a gimmick to boost their ratings. The Obama’s never celebrated Christmas in the White House , never put up any Christmas trees , ornaments , and never sent out any Christmas cards. Obama hated Christmas , so apparently he sent out a decree or signed an executive order banning Christmas in America , forbidding retail stores from displaying Christmas decorations and saying Merry Christmas to their customers.

And so , the war on Christmas had begun. And each year that the un-American Obama’s were in the White House it got worse and worse. Barack Obama and his family wished America a Merry Christmas each year , put up Christmas trees at the White House , including decorations , and sent out Christmas cards. Wal-Mart and other retail outlets displayed Christmas decorations , played Christmas music , and greeted their customers with Merry Christmas and other holiday greetings. Television channels like Hallmark played Christmas movies from August all the way through December , and ninety percent of Americans celebrated Christmas each year , even though according to conservatives , Obama The Grinch made it a crime for anyone to celebrate the holiday , or say Merry Christmas without being arrested and hauled off in hand cuffs , before being sentenced to death by firing squad.

At the recent Values Voters Summit last October , Trump told cheering conservatives that they were free to say Merry Christmas again , because Obama the Grinch was no longer in the White House. There were tears of joy as the audience went crazy , many of them declaring the forty-fifth president the second coming of Christ.

In 2015 Sarah Palin released her best-selling book , How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas … Again : The Communist Liberal Media’s War On Christmas. She’s written several ridiculous books over the years , including the former. Her latest , a sequel , How President Trump Saved Christmas From Obama The Grinch , is her most ridiculous book to date. It was co-written with Victoria Jackson , who has also written several anti-Obama books , all of them even more ridiculous and insane than anything Sarah Palin has ever written.

They made a recent appearance on the Alex Jones show to discuss the new book.

From the Alex Jones Radio Show , March 25 , 2018 :

Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen. I’m Alex Jones , your host for the number one show in Texas , and around the world. I bring you the real news , not the fake news that the mainstream liberal media brings you every day because they’re controlled by George Soros , the biggest communist liberal in the world.

“My guests today have written several books about Barack Obama and his evil influence on American politics. One of them I greatly admire. She’s the former governor of Alaska , who once ran for president. The other is a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and a fruitcake , and nothing she writes makes any sense. Sarah Palin , and Victoria Jackson. Welcome to the show , ladies.”

Victoria : “Gee , Alex , I don’t know why I keep coming back here , since all you do is make fun of me.

Alex : “You must be a glutton for punishment. I mean , what else can I say? Except that you’re a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and a fruitcake.”

Victoria : “You’re the conspiracy theorist who literally believes every conspiracy you’ve ever heard. But I’m the kook , the crackpot , the wacko , and the fruitcake?”

Alex : “You said it , not me.”

Victoria : “You said it.”

Alex : “That’s right.”

Victoria : “Well , since you believe every conspiracy you’ve ever heard , wouldn’t that make you a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and a fruitcake?”

Alex : “Excuse me? There’s a big difference between my conspiracies and your conspiracies. My conspiracies are all true , and make sense , and your conspiracies are all nonsense and don’t make any sense.”

Victoria : “None of your conspiracies have ever made sense and have never come true , but mine don’t make any sense?”

Alex : “That’s right. Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense you write at World Net Daily , or Politico Chicks.”

Victoria : “I believe you mean Politi Chicks.”

Alex : “Whatever.”

Victoria : “I thought you believed World Net Daily was one of the most credible sources on the internet.”

Alex : “It is when it’s not something written by you. Only a kook , a crackpot , a wacko , and a fruitcake would take seriously anything another kook , crackpot , wacko , and a fruitcake writes about. Like Obama’s mole being his evil twin , or that Mickey Mouse , and Donald Duck actually helped Obama steal the elections.”

Victoria : “Whatever , Alex.”

Alex : “Alright , let’s get to the book. Sarah you two wrote the book , actually you started the book just after president Trump became president in November  2016.”

Sarah : “That’s right , Alex. And it was during his campaign that he promised that Americans would be free to say Merry Christmas again without being ridiculed or made fun of. But it wasn’t until after the Value Voters Summit that we finished it and it became a national best seller.”

Victoria : “Yeah , because Obama outlawed Merry Christmas and anything having to do with it , because he’s a communist.”


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