“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville

“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwu7r28zk   

Here we have a bunch of southern conservatives who have drunk the conservative media kool-aid. These people have been watching Fox News 24/7. It’s not the Neo-Nazis who were responsible for the violence on Saturday , but former president Barack Obama , George Soros , and Black Lives Matter. Apparently , to these idiots , Obama , Soros , and Black Lives Matter , may as well have been driving the car that plowed into the counter protesters , killing Heather Heyer , and injuring nineteen others , not the POS that was actually driving the car , because they all know that none of this would have happened if Obama hadn’t been racially divisive in his rhetoric ( he wasn’t , these idiots couldn’t even provide one example where he was ) , George Soros wasn’t funding every left wing project , and Black Lives Matter wasn’t an anti-white hate group that wanted to kill white people , cops , and burn down American cities. 

Everything is Obama’s fault in Republicanville.       


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