Stupid Conservative Memes #60 Liberal Logic 101 Edition … Benghazi And Birtherism In One Meme

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“For those with no brains , who haven’t a clue how logic works.”

Conservatives who hated Obama when he was president , were convinced that he deliberately allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi for political motivations , or that he secretly supported terrorists , or that he lied about an anti-Islam video being responsible for the attack , when he knew that it was really a planned Al-Qaeda attack. Claims that wing nut media and Right bloggers promoted almost non stop after the Benghazi attack. These claims were eagerly accepted as fact by Obama haters , since Sarah Palin had accused Obama of ‘paling around with terrorists.’ In the minds of Palin fans , Obama must have been involved in terrorist plots with Bill Ayers of The Weather Underground , blowing up buildings and planting explosives when he was eight or nine years old.

There were multiple Benghazi reports , and an extensive New York Times investigative report , none of which were enough for the Obama haters , because none of them revealed what they already knew in their hearts : that Obama and Hillary were guilty of a deliberate cover up. With each new report , they were convinced that the Republicans were themselves involved in the cover up , part of a never ending conspiracy to conceal the truth about what really happened. So , they put together their own committee to investigate the events on the night of the attack , courtesy of AIM – Accuracy In Media – which has had a history of often being inaccurate. A citizens committee that included a who’s who of Obama hating wing nuts , birthers and anti-Muslim activists , including Allen West , and AIM’s own editor in chief , Roger Aronoff. And what did they find? What else? A conspiracy to cover up the truth , which included a claim that the U.S. had switched sides in the war on terror , and that ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved in a failed kidnapping attempt to be traded for the terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman , the mastermind behind for the World Trade Center bombing.

Four people died in the Benghazi attack , which according to Obama haters was a worse scandal than Watergate , to some even worse than 9/11. Yes , seriously , worse than nearly three thousand Americans dying as a result of the worst terrorist attack in the U.S. , because Obama ‘lied’ and Bush didn’t. No , he just ignored intelligence about possible terrorists attacks , and then lo and behold 9/11 happened. But it wasn’t Bush’s fault that those three thousand Americans lost their lives. He kept America safe , despite 9/11 , and the multiple embassy/consulate/compound attacks that occurred that resulted in the deaths of eleven Americans , an eighteen year old Yemeni-American student , Susan El-Baneh , and American diplomat , David Foy. But because ten of the thirteen attacks didn’t include any dead Americans , those attacks don’t count , and the three attacks that did , were … unfortunate. But the bullshit excuses wing nuts always predictably give when comparing these two situations is , ‘there was never a cover up , and that ‘Obama never called it a terrorist attack.’

I’ve even seen this same lame excuse from a certain wing nut named Bill Whittle on his website Firewall. In a video titled Why Benghazi Matters , he says : “It’s not the responsibility of the U.S. State dept. and the president to protect the lives of foreign nationals. Their job is to protect American citizens and especially consular personnel living abroad.” The nine American contractors that were killed in the Riyadh Compound attacks , were working for the State Department , and it was their responsibility to keep them safe. It was their job to protect them. Funny how Whittle doesn’t blame Bush or his State Department for failing to keep those nine Americans safe , but he’s willing to crucify Obama for four deaths in Benghazi. He goes on : “In 2003 , a truck bomb killed 36 people , including nine American defense contractors. President Bush immediately denounced it as a terrorist attack , and the Saudi’s investigated and killed two of the attackers.” He conveniently ignores the fact that Bush and the State Department under him , were responsible for the safety of those nine Americans , and because Bush denounced it as a terrorist attack , that somehow absolved him and the State Department of all responsibility. Those nine defense contractors , Susan El-Baneh , and David Foy were all Americans citizens. Were their lives less important than four lives in Benghazi? He continues : “On March 2 , 2006 , in Karachi Pakistan , a suicide bomber killed four , including an American diplomat , David Foy. It was instantly denounced as a terrorist attack ( Bush miraculously absolved of all responsibility again! ) ; there were no advanced calls for security ; Mr. Foy was killed instantly with no possibility of rescue ; there was no cover up , or attempt to spin it other than what it was.”

That’s because the commander-in-chief was George Bush , the president who could do no wrong in the eyes of Conservatives. Democrats were not interested in exploiting their deaths ; they had no reason to , or motive , unlike Republicans and their Obama hating allies in the media who would spin the events in Benghazi into a massive conspiracy theory involving a cover up. He then goes on to revive the debunked claim that ambassador Stevens was tortured , raped , and dragged through the streets.

So , according to wing nuts like Bill Whittle , the deaths of eleven Americans is unfortunate , but acceptable , because they were immediately called terrorist attacks , as opposed to Obama never calling Benghazi a terrorist attack , which makes all the difference! Except he did call it a terrorist attack , just not in the precise wording they preferred : radical Islamic terrorism!

It’s apparent to anyone with common sense that Benghazi was a phony scandal , a tragedy blown out of proportion by Republican politicians and their allies in the media who were obsessed with destroying a Democratic president before he was even elected. Democrats didn’t politicize the thirteen Benghazi like terrorist attacks when Bush was president.

The birth certificate was only phony to racists. Obama provided both forms of his birth certificate , and yet neither was enough for wing nuts. They were positive that he was really born in Kenya , and if anyone had the nerve to accuse them of racism , they could trot out the absurd defense : “you can’t even criticize Obama without being called a racist.”

The dunce who created this meme , believes liberals are stupid because they didn’t buy into the Benghazi and the birther bullshit. That’s embarrassing.


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