Stupid Conservative Memes #46 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Aviary Photo_131352089413585959

Obama hating Conservatives were convinced that throughout his entire two terms in the White House , all he did was vacation and play golf at the expense of the American tax payer. He wasn’t really concerned about terrorism because he was Barack Hussein Obama. That name alone proved he was sympathetic to Muslim terrorists and was a Muslim himself , born and raised in Kenya , and schooled in a radical madrasa , all according to the “mainstream Conservative media.”

The constant message that he was soft on terrorism , that he harbored terrorist sympathies , contradicted the disturbing and disappointing reality that Obama was far more aggressive in the war on terror than his predecessor  , intervening in seven different countries via drones , drone strikes that resulted in the deaths of terrorists , including that of American-born terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi  ,  but many innocents who weren’t terrorists. This was hardly the behavior of a president who , according to Fox News and other Conservative pundits , didn’t give a shit about terrorism , or who was sympathetic to its cause.


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