Stupid Conservative Memes #45

A special kind of stupid is the breed of Conservative who still believes that Dylann Roof shooting nine black people in a Charleston S.C. church , had nothing to do with racism – even though he admitted that his motive was racial – and that the confederate battle flag represents an army that fought for “states rights.” Who believes it only represents southern heritage , or southern pride.

We live in an age where information is easily accessible via the internet. Anyone who is interested in the history of the confederate flag , and it’s connection to the civil war , would discover that it had very little to do with states rights , other than the right to own other human beings as slaves. Defenders of the flag often claim that the civil war was not fought over slavery , but states rights , or tariffs. The Confederate States of America , in the Mississippi declaration , states that the  number one reason for secession from the Union was the opposition to the abolition to slavery. Every other declaration of secession makes the same argument , the importance of protecting the institution of slavery. It’s not a debatable issue. 


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