Stupid Conservative Memes #42 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Aviary Photo_131331244535846118.png
Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity.

I love it when the most radical and bigoted white Conservatives believe they speak not only for most white Americans , but most black Americans. It just proves how arrogant and ignorant they are. Their ignorance is reflected in the notion that institutional racism no longer exists in America , that racism ended with the civil rights act , which is bullshit. During the Obama years , they claimed that America was no longer racist ( except for liberals and Democrats , of course , because they actually care about poor people ) because it elected a black president , even as they attacked his character , calling him a Muslim , a Muslim terrorist supporter , a communist , a Nazi , a dictator , a racist , a cop hater. They attacked poor minorities as welfare queens , as lazy moochers who were somehow making a killing collecting government benefits , living high off the hog , taking extravagant vacations , owning several cars , and houses , living the lifestyle of the rich and famous , while conveniently ignoring the real moochers , the real welfare queens , the corporations that collect millions and even billions each year in subsidies. They created and perpetuated the myth that Obama was the racist plantation owner who exploited blacks and other minorities , and Democrats and liberals were his willing cohorts in a conspiracy to keep minorities down.

Conservative Republicans have always claimed to care about the poor and the working class  , and yet they have continually proposed and/or cut food stamps and other safety net programs , while proposing and providing tax cuts for the wealthy. And they have shamelessly portrayed black Democratic leaders as racial and poverty pimps for daring to suggest that racial discrimination is still a problem.

Racial discrimination is not a liberal myth or lie. It did not end with the civil rights act. It has been well-documented in the Ferguson , and Baltimore police departments , here  , and here. Conservative media bent over backward to deny and excuse racial discrimination in Ferguson , and Baltimore , running with the laughable narrative  that Obama , Democrats , and liberals were eager for a race war against white people for centuries of slavery and Jim Crow.

Racial discrimination did not end fifty years ago. To deny it would not only be foolish , but ignorant of the events of the last four decades. The ones who do deny it are Conservatives. They are the ones who are willing to trivialize the civil rights movement and its leaders , by continuing to peddle their fiction that racial discrimination is a thing of the past. The ignorant readers of these types of memes may believe this , but the evidence proves otherwise.     



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