Stupid Conservative Memes #39 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


When it comes to a lack of compassion for those less fortunate , some Conservatives just can’t seem to help themselves. Although this is not the worst meme by Liberal Logic that I’ve seen about Americans living in poverty , nevertheless  it demonstrates the utter contempt that the  Obama haters  have for the poor , by comparing hungry people who need public assistance , to animals. Yes , they are that compassionate!

During the Obama years , Conservatives perpetuated and bought into the myth of Reagan’s ‘welfare queen.’  The myth that blacks and other minorities make up the majority of the recipients of the social safety nets , such as welfare , and SNAP , otherwise known as food stamps , and that they are defrauding  the system , driving around in expensive cars , living in mansions , and eating the finest foods only the wealthy could afford – all the while ignoring the corporate welfare queens , the real free loaders that receive millions annually in subsidies. And they are still perpetuating that myth today.


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