Stupid Conservative Memes #36


 History and facts are not clear to Conservative Republicans.

It doesn’t matter that a few Democrats may have started KKK. What matters now is that the two parties are not the same as they were sixties years ago , a hundred years ago. Conservative Republicans don’t get this simple fact , or choose to ignore it.

Who are the KKK today? Conservative Republicans , not Conservative Democrats.

Who supports the ideology of the KKK today? Conservative Republicans , not Democrats.

Who opposes civil rights for LGBT individuals today? Conservative Republicans , just as they opposed interracial marriage , and desegregation in the fifties and sixties when they were Conservative Democrats.

Who opposes the right of a woman to have an abortion? Conservative Republicans.

Who is fighting today against the right of black Americans and other minorities to vote , by supporting voter ID laws? Sound familiar? It sure as hell isn’t Democrats. 

Who opposes social safety nets , such as welfare , and food stamps? Conservative Republicans , not Democrats.

Conservatives , don’t you think it’s time to stop pretending your party is the party of freedom  , liberty , and civil rights? 

#democrats, #freedom, #kkk, #liberty, #stupid-conservative-memes


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