Stupid Conservative Memes #31 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The idiots at Liberal Logic 101 have proven that they are not only racist  , but also bigoted. This one portrays anti-gay bigot Scott Lively as a wonderful human being who has never said an unkind word about LGBT individuals. Lively wrote a book , Pink Swastika , in which he claimed that the founders of the Nazi movement were homosexuals. He was also suspected of influencing Uganda’s anti-gay rights bill.

 1. Scott Lively … politely disagrees with homosexual activists … hate crime. “We should not discriminate against persons who define themselves as homosexuals.” If the idiots at Liberal Logic believe Lively has never discriminated against homosexuals , that would make them stupid , not liberals. Politely disagreeing with homosexuals is not a hate crime , and no one has ever suggested it is. But Lively has spent more than two decades discriminating and dehumanizing gay individuals and activists , comparing them to Nazis , murderers , and pedophiles. Yeah , that’s what I call politely disagreeing.

2Dan Savage … calls Christians vile and disgusting names … free speech. ( Such as bigot , homophobe? ) “I wish the Republicans were all dead.”

Conservative Christians work themselves into a lather of self-righteous indignation that liberals would even consider them bigoted or homophobic toward LGBT individuals. They see themselves as the perpetual victim. I’m sure none of them have ever wished death on  homosexuals.  


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