Stupid Conservative Memes #30 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity , hypocrisy , and racism.


Why is it that liberals can see the irony and hypocrisy in these memes , but the idiots who produce them are completely lost on it? This one claims that Conservatives view black people positively and respectfully , which is , of course , bullshit. Liberals and progressives for the most part have not portrayed black people as loud mouths and do-nothings. But this is exactly how the idiots at Liberal Logic 101 and their equally stupid readers view them. Right wing media has always portrayed black politicians positively when they’re Republicans , even going so far as defending their bigotry. But when they’re  Democrats , and liberals , they’re maligned as racists , Muslims , communists , and Nazis. For eight years they attacked Obama as a token “do-nothing” who did nothing but take endless vacations and play endless rounds of golf. But , of course , it’s liberals and Democrats who are racists. 


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