Tomi Lahren is a Conservative wing nut commentator  , and the host of her own show Final Thoughts on The Blaze Network. She recently made headlines when she compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK , managing to piss off not only black people and minorities , but white people as well. She recently  criticized Beyonce for her Superbowl half-time tribute to the Black Panthers , and Jessie Williams for his Black Entertainment award speech , accusing them both of being racist against white people.

She also accused Colin Kaepernick of being a whiny-attention-seeking crybaby because he had the audacity to kneel instead of stand during the National Anthem to protest police brutality.

But Tomi , along with her legion of anti-politically correct politically correct followers on twitter , being the real whiny-attention-seeking crybabies , attacked him like rabid dogs using racial epithets and telling him to leave the country if he didn’t like it.

Not only has she insulted black people , she has insulted president Obama on numerous occasions , often referring to him as Barry , blaming him for the Chattanooga military base shooting by a Muslim , the Orlando Florida gay night club shooting , also by a Muslim , the deaths of the Baton Rouge , and Dallas police officers , accusing him of being more sensitive to Muslim terrorists , and of having a ‘friendly to Muslim jihadis’ mentality. In other words , he’s a friend of terrorists for no other reason other than the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama.  

She’s written her first book , White People : The New Victims Of Racism In The Age Of Obama , and has appeared on Fox News , and on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. More recently she appeared on The Blaze’s Glenn Beck  Show to warn Glenn , Stu , Pat , and their audience that Black Lives Matter really is a terrorist group like the KKK , and how they are shooting , lynching , burning , beating up , stabbing , and blowing up white people all over America who support Donald Trump , and white police officers.


    The Three Amigos , AKA as The Beanie Boys , Stu , Glenn , and Pat.

Glenn : “They really are a terrorist group , aren’t they? The main stream liberal media has been portraying them as heroes , as a civil rights , an equal rights group , but they can’t whitewash the truth.”

Tomi : “That’s right , Glenn. They’re not a civil rights group , they are a proven terrorist group roaming across America , protesting they claim , but what they are really doing is more than just protesting. They’re doing more than just chanting ‘pigs in a blanket , putem in a bag and shakeem up , shakeem up , then fryem like bacon and eatem up , eatem up.’ They’re also looting , destroying property and shooting and lynching and burning white people – and cops – who support white cops and Donald Trump. In fact , they were the ones who encouraged the anti-Trump protesters after he won the election because they hate white people white cops and Trump because they’re racist and hate white cops and white people.”

Pat : “You forgot to mention that they’re also blowing up buildings , leaving anti-white racist graffiti , and blaming it on the KKK , who they’re also blaming for the lynchings. But they’re the new KKK. You said it yourself.”

Tomi : “That’s right. In fact , they’re  worse than the KKK. They’re not only endorsed by the New Black Panthers , and wear black hoods and robes when they loot and destroy and kill and shoot and lynch and burn and beat up  and stab and blow up buildings and white people and cops , but  the New Black Panthers are looting with them , and are destroying and killing and shooting and lynching and burning and beating up and stabbing and blowing up buildings and white people and cops , who make up most of their victims , because they’re racist and hate white people and white cops.” 

Stu : “I can understand that they are killing and shooting and lynching and burning and beating up and stabbing and blowing up people. But beating up and stabbing buildings? That really doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone beat up , and stab a building?”

Angry white chick , Tomi Lahren explaining Black Lives Matter looters like to beat up and stab buildings when they can’t find white people to beat up and stab.

Tomi :  “Sure it makes sense. Think about it. They’re beating up and stabbing buildings when they can’t find white people and white cops who support Trump to beat up and stab and blow up because they’re racist and hate white people , and they’re beating up and stabbing and blowing up buildings owned by white people because they’re racist and hate white people who own their own businesses because they’re racist and hate white people.”

Stu : ( thinking about it ) “When you put it that way , it does make sense.”

Glenn : “But you won’t hear or see any of this in the liberal media because they support this kind of criminal behavior and don’t want us to know the truth. They want us to believe that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate group with legitimate grievances , and that cops are just killing black people just because they’re racist , and hate black people , but nothing could be further from the truth. We are the real victims of racism. White people are discriminated against not only because of affirmative action , but because of so-called white privilege they believe just because we are white we get everything handed to us on a silver platter. But its black people that get everything handed to them on a silver platter , such as welfare , and food stamps.”

Tomi : “That’s right. In fact , its Black Lives Matter ,  Obama , liberals , and Democrats who are the racists , and we know they also hate cops , and they want to start a race war so they can enforce segregation and slavery and Jim Crow on white people because they want revenge and reparations for being second class citizens because they’re racist and hate white people.”

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