Stupid Conservative Memes #15 … Katie Pavlich Edition


*******Pot meet kettle******

And the way Conservative lame stream media operates is by ignoring facts that don’t support their fantasies :

  • There have been numerous investigative reports concerning the events in Benghazi , the majority of them Republican. There was no stand down order by the Obama administration to allow four Americans to die at the hands of Muslim extremists. There was no scandal. But Conservatives in the media convinced themselves that it was a massive cover-up because Obama sympathizes with Muslim terrorists. 
  • Fast And Furious was a scandal. It was an ATF scandal. But Conservative media again was convinced that Obama had deliberately allowed Mexican drug cartels to get their hands on thousands of firearms for the purpose of disarming American citizens of their second amendment rights and their guns. A conspiracy. But , again , an investigative report was released that was also ignored. Pavlich even published a book about it – Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal And It’s Shameless Cover-Up – in which she played fast and furious with the facts. It was debunked the same year the report was released , but millions of wing nuts are to this day convinced of its accuracy.

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