Stupid Conservative Memes #5 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


It never ceases to amaze me that anti-liberal Conservatives always fail to see the holes in their logic.

Here’s a classic example by Liberal Logic 101.

This meme claims that the so-called “liberal media” wants to hold every single White , God-fearing , gun-loving , government-hating Conservative patriot accountable for the actions of one shooter. That’s nonsense. All liberals and progressives have said is that in cases such as Dylan Roof , stop denying that race had anything to do with it , stop calling them lone wolves with mental issues , and call them what they are : white supremacist terrorists. 

What does the Conservative media say when it’s a Muslim shooter? Surprise , surprise! All Muslims should be held accountable. How’s that for a double standard?

The Conservative media ( and Liberal  Logic ) … yes , they are that stupid.


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