Stupid Conservative Memes # 3 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition



  1. Actually liberals tend to regard facts , data , and information to make an argument , while Conservatives tend to disregard them , and argue on pure emotionalism.

      2. Conservatives have been blaming  Obama for nearly everything for eight years , from the financial crisis of 2008 , hurricane Katrina , to Bush’s failed Iraq war which led to the rise of ISIS. Blaming him for anything and everything has become a tradition on the Right.

      3. This one suggests that liberals are the real racists and have been playing the race card for eight years , since God knows no Conservative could ever be a racist. If that’s the case what was the birther movement all about? Taxes? And what about all of the asinine claims that he’s a Muslim with terrorist sympathies , a communist because of his days as a community organizer , and hates America because of his alleged communist upbringing. These claims have not come from liberals , but from Conservatives , the GOP , and Tea Partiers. 


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