Stupid Conservative Memes … # 2 … Dana Loesch Edition

No Dana , it would be more appropriate to hold alcohol manufacturers accountable for drunk drivers , not an insurance agency.

Dana Loesch is not only a member of the NRA , but a spokesperson. She’s also employed at The Blaze Network and is the host of her own nationally syndicated show , Dana. If you’re not familiar with her , she’s the Blaze commentator who accused liberals , Obama , Democrats , and the “Godless Left” of consorting with terrorists shortly after the shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino California that left fourteen dead and twenty-two injured.

According to Dana , Obama and the “Godless Left” are responsible not only for all forms of terrorism , but especially Islamic terrorism because he’s Muslim himself and supports the Muslim Brotherhood who are currently residing in The White House , and because he refuses to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”. Liberals are also responsible because they support his radical gun control agenda , which can only be interpreted as total gun confiscation.

 Dana believes it’s wrong to blame the NRA for gun violence. I disagree. They should be held accountable just as cigarette  manufacturers have been held accountable for smoking related deaths. It is more appropriate to hold those responsible for gun proliferation ( gun manufacturers should also be held accountable ) for the deaths of thousands of people each year , not those individuals who desire sensible gun reform , and certainly not those who mock the prayers of  those individuals who have the means to do something positive and life affirming , but refuse to do so because they are cowards that have been bought for a price. 


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