From The Glen Beck Radio Show : Katie Pavlich , explaining how Obama The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief plans to suspend the Inauguration of Donald Trump , declare himself  Supreme Leader and grab Americas guns.

Katie Pavlich is a Tea Party , gun loving , Obama hating Conservative. She writes for some of the nuttiest wing nut sites , including Town Hall , World Nut Daily , and Red State. Typical of those who despise the current president , she lives in an alternate reality where black is white , where Obama hates cops , Christians ( he’s a Christian , so he must hate himself as well ) , cares more about Islamic terrorists , and is a Manchurian candidate planted in the White House by the Muslim Brotherhood , who is actively destroying America from within through Obama Care , marriage equality , and illegal immigration , which is apparently just a cover for allowing terrorists to cross the southern borders.

Her last two books , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , and Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal , exposes of how Obama is murdering anyone who criticizes him for vacationing and his obsessive love of golf , were national best sellers , despite the fact that they were  only scandals among those who hate Barack Obama. Her readers were so impressed that many of them asked that she do a follow-up to Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal , and Katie  responded with Gun Gate : Barack Obama’s Fifth Bloodiest Scandal : How The Gun-Grabber-In-Chief Plans To Steal All Of Our Guns Because He Hates The Second Amendment Because That’s How He Was Brought Up By His Communist America Hating Mentors , Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , And Frank Marshall Davis.

On a recent episode of The Glenn Beck Radio Show , she informed Glenn , Pat , and Stu that any day now Obama would act upon his threats of total gun confiscation , and finally steal everyone’s guns.

Pat Gray explaining to Stu Burguiere what a Chalupacabrabama is.

Glenn : “What’s he waiting for? Does he think we’re stupid? Does he want us to think that he doesn’t want to steal our guns , when obviously we know that’s exactly what he wants? So what’s he … what’s he waiting for?”

Katie : “He’s waiting for the very last-minute when he can declare martial law , because he’s so egotistical he thinks of himself as Americas Supreme Leader. Now that he knows Trump is the next president , he’s planning on disrupting the Inauguration so he can declare himself Supreme Leader For Life , and with his armies of Black Panthers , his mindless zombie supporters , and his Communist Youth Brigade to back him up , that’s when total gun confiscation will begin. We’ll have no choice but to comply , or we’ll be thrown in the ovens like Hitler did to the Jews. It’s all laid out in the book.”

Pat : “You mean Fema camps , don’t you?”

Katie : “Ovens , Fema camps , what difference does it make? They may even plan to cook us , or feed us raw to the Chalupacabrabamas Alex Jones says the CIA has created , for all we know.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Pat : “Alex Jones is a crackpot.”

Glenn : “Too bad he doesn’t know that.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Pat : “He’s crazier than a bed bug in June.”

Glenn : “Too bad his audience are no less insane.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”  

Glen : “Jones has been promoting Fema camps for years , and then they were debunked by Popular Mechanics.”

Pat : “You really don’t believe in Chalupwhats , do you Katie?”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

Katie : “With Obama anything’s possible.”

Pat : “Yeah , but Chalupawhats?”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?” 

Glen : “Stu’s beginning to sound like a broken record. Somebody better explain to him what a Chalupacabrabama is.”

Pat : “According to Alex Jones a Chalupacabrabama is a cross between a chalupa , a Chupcabra , and  Obama.”

Stu : “Chalupawhat?”

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