Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal

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Katie explains to Rachel Maddow that Obama is murdering his vacation critics because he’s a communist.

Katie Pavlich is a Conservative writer and columnist. She writes for several wing nut sites , and appears occasionally as a ‘political expert’ on Fox News. She’s written several absurd conspiracy related books about liberals and Barack Obama , the latest being , Assault And Flattery : The Truth About The Left And It’s War On Women , and Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal.

She recently appeared as a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to promote her last book , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , which according to Katie , proves president Obama is murdering his critics who criticize him for playing golf. It was such a huge best seller among her fans that she decided to do a follow-up , Vacation Gate : Barack Obama’s Fourth Bloodiest Scandal , which also proves he’s murdering anyone who criticizes him for taking vacations.

 Rachel invited her back to her show to talk about the new book , which has just been released by Obama Hates America Book Club.


Rachel : “According to your last book , Golf Gate , you claimed the president is murdering anyone who criticizes his golfing.”

Katie : “That’s right.”

Rachel : “And now , with Vacation Gate , you claim he’s also murdering anyone who criticizes him for taking a day off.”

Katie : “That’s right.”

Rachel : “But why -“

Katie :”Please don’t interrupt. He can’t stand it when someone criticizes him for taking a vacation , because he knows he takes too many , more than any other president in the history of the United States -“

Rachel : “But that’s -“

Katie : “Please don’t interrupt. And he knows he isn’t doing anything but playing  golf and taking vacations when he should be doing something about ISIS and other terrorists. But he’d rather be taking vacations with his family and play endless rounds of golf with his liberals friends instead of taking time out of his busy golf and vacation schedule to do something about ISIS -“

Rachel : “You’re repeating yourself.”

Katie : It should be repeated. Because it’s important for people to know what kind of president we have. A president who wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who criticizes him for playing golf and taking vacations.”

Rachel : “Golfing is not a scandal , much less a bloody scandal , and neither is taking a vacation. Why would he want to kill someone for criticizing him for taking a vacation? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

Katie : “Yes , it does. It makes perfect sense.”

Rachel : “How does it makes sense? I really wish you would explain it to me.”

Katie : “It makes sense , because he’s a communist , and communists wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who criticizes their agenda.”

Rachel : “You said that the last time you were here. It didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now.”

Katie : “Well , it’s the truth.”

Rachel : “What is?”

Katie : “That he’s a communist.”

Rachel : “Whatever. You failed to offer any evidence last time you were here , and you haven’t offered any evidence this time.”

Katie : “What evidence? That he’s a communist?”

Rachel : “That he’s murdering people who criticize him for taking vacations and playing golf.”

Katie : “That’s because the liberal media is his lap dog. They’ll do anything he says. They know he’s having people killed , and they’re covering up for him. Bodies are piling up , and people are having to go into hiding just so Obama can’t have them killed.”

Rachel : “Can you name one person who has been killed , or who has had to go into hiding?”

Katie : “Not really. I would be jeopardizing the safety of those who have , and you wouldn’t recognize any of the names anyway.”

Rachel : “I didn’t think so.”

Katie : “But he will definitely continue to pile up the vacations and the golf games , and people will continue to complain while he deliberately ignores ISIS as they kill as many Americans as they can , so he can play as much golf as he can , while the bodies continue to pile up , because Obama can’t do anything but take vacations and play golf , because he’s a vacation and a golf junkie.”


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