Tomi Lahren : Black Lives Matter Hates Little Piggies And It’s MLK Jr.’s Fault

Angry white girl , Tomi , chewing out MLK on her show Final Thoughts.

Dallas – Earlier this week The Blazes Tomi Lahren claimed that Black Lives Matter is the fault of Martin Luther King Jr. , and that he needs to accept responsibility for their violence against pigs.

Ms. Lahren who often goes  on tirades just to hear the sound of her own voice , invited Dr. King to debate her on the show Final Thoughts which airs weekdays on The Blaze Network , but unfortunately Dr. King had to decline due to the fact that he has been dead for forty-eight years. However , that didn’t stop the feisty Ms. Lahren from ripping into Dr. King when he failed to make an appearance.

“I invited Dr. King to my show , Final Thoughts , to debate me on Black Lives Matter , but apparently he’s too dead to respond. Well , guess what? I..don’! Being dead is no excuse for laziness!

“What’s the matter , Dr. King? Cat got your tongue? Or should I say , worms?

“Black Lives Matter is your fault!

“Yes , that’s right. You heard me. Black Lives Matter is all your fault! If it hadn’t been for your constant whining about black people being such victims , Black Lives Matter would not be calling for the murder of poor innocent little pigs wearing blankets.

“Cruelty to animals is not only against the law , it’s disgusting. Tell me , Marty , what does Black Lives Matter have against pigs anyway? I thought they hated cops. But lately they’ve been chanting about roasting little piggy’s in blankets and eating them like bacon.

“So , tell me , Marty. What do they have against pigs? Because they wear blankets? What about the ones that wear tutus?  Does that mean they automatically get a death sentence too? Or , what about all the little girls who dress up their little piggy’s and have tea parties with them? Are they also going to get fried or roasted in blankets and eaten like bacon too?

“I’ll be waiting to hear from you , Marty.

“For Final Thoughts , I’m Tomi Lahren. God bless America , and all the little piggy’s out there.”


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