Dumb Blonde Shreds Colin Kaepernick In Epic Rant : Again Says What Other Idiots Are Thinking

“Why do you black people have to keep talking about race? There’s no racism in America! Don’t you know there’s a black president in the White House?! The only racists are Barack Obama , liberals , Democrats  , and you black people who keep complaining about getting shot by white cops!”

First it was blame president Obama for terrorism after the Chattanooga  military base shooting , when she made the absurd claim that he has a friendly to Muslim jihadis mentality.

Then it was  blame Beyonce for her “racist attack against white people and cops” during her performance at this years Superbowl.

Then it was blame Jesse Williams for a non-existent war on cops when he gave his acceptance speech for the Black Entertainment Award , in which he talked about police brutality against the black community , earlier this year.    

Then it was back to blaming president Obama for the Orlando night club shooting , claiming we are divided  more than ever because Obama refuses to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Then , once again , it was back to blaming Obama for the shootings of the police officers in Baton Rogue , and Dallas , and comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK.

Then yet again , Obama was to blame for the flooding in Louisiana last week , with the absurd claim that Trump cared more about the victims than the president did. 

Is there anything this woman hasn’t blamed on Obama , liberals , Democrats , and Black Lives Matter?

Now Tomi and the anti-PC crowd have another reason to get their panties wadded into a bunch. Another black person had the audacity to criticize Tomi’s perfect vision of America. Colin Kaepernick decided he would sit out the National Anthem before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers to protest police brutality against minorities. The Conservative response to this was predictable. They lost their ever-loving minds , completely disregarding the point of his protest , and instead attacked him on twitter , accusing him being unpatriotic , and of hating America  , telling him that he should find another country to call home. Some even used racial slurs. 

In Tomi’s world , anyone who questions her lily-white version of America , where black and white folk are always treated fairly and equally , where no racial discrimination ever takes place ( because there is now a black president in the White House ) , anyone who criticizes the status quo , are un-American , unpatriotic and must get out. There’s no room for disagreement , no room for dissent , no room for discussion. This is the Conservative mind-set. Agree with me , or get the hell out. America , love it or leave it. These people are the biggest fucking hypocrites. It wasn’t that long ago when the Dixie Chicks were in the news for criticizing George Bush and the Iraq war. All it took was for Natalie Maines to say , “We don’t want this war , and we’re ashamed that George Bush is from the state of Texas.” Immediately they were branded as unpatriotic , as traitors. Their records were burned , their music was pulled from radio stations all over America. People were ready to lynch them.   

In 2016 , we have self-proclaimed political experts like Tomi Lahren , Glen Beck , Rush Limbaugh , Sarah Palin , Janine Pirro ,  Pamela Geller , and Allen West – people with no credibility , or political expertise – accusing the current president of treason , of having a friendly to jihadis mentality , of siding with radical Islamic terrorists , blaming him for every mass shooting , blaming him for their hatred and racism. There is no accountability with these people. They are allowed to say whatever they want , whether it’s true or not. They can slander Democrats , liberals , and the president with impunity, and no one holds them accountable. If it were Democrats or liberals questioning the motives and the loyalty of a Republican president , Conservatives would be demanding an apology , demanding that they be fired.  

Bush’s critics were accused of treason , but Obama’s critics , many of whom have engaged in far more than harmless criticism , are patriots. 

Whether Kaepernick was disrespectful to America and the flag is debatable. The point is he was – and still is – at least attempting to make an effort to address something that white Conservatives like Lahren would rather sweep under the rug. That systemic and individual racism exists. That some black people have been killed by police officers for committing no crimes , and in many cases those police officers have not been punished. That the criminal justice system is basically rigged against minorities. That both blacks and whites when arrested for the same crimes , blacks are far more likely to be arrested , and receive longer sentences.  

This isn’t something that Tomi Lahren , or others like her will ever tell their audience. Because they’re not interested in facts , or data. Their only interest is to tell them what they want to hear : that everything wrong in America is the fault of liberals , Democrats , black people , and Barack Obama. And that it’s justifiable to be more outraged over an athlete exercising his right to protest , than the murder of a twelve-year-old boy playing with a toy gun.         



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