Twenty Reasons To Despise Barack Obama … Part 2

aviary-photo_131183778303370941There are more reasons to dislike Barack Obama than I can count. It would take me years to list them all , but for the sake of this article I will choose the twenty most despicable ones I can think of.

  1. He’s anti-Christmas : Since the Obama’s entered the White House , they have shown their disdain for Christmas. No one is allowed to say Merry Christmas in the White House , the Christmas tree has been banned , and everyone must say Happy Holidays in public to please the Dictator In Chief.
  2. He’s a Muslim jihadi : It’s no secret that Barack Obama is a Muslim , and that he favors his Muslim brothers over Americans , and that he has a friendly to Muslim jihadis mentality. It’s clear that his goal is to allow them to cross the borders and set up camps all across America. It’s just a matter of time before they kill us all , turn our kids into gay Muslim jihadis and set up a caliphate.
  3. Allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi : Four brave Americans were murdered by friends and relatives of Obama , supposedly over a video. Conservatives who have been paying attention , know that it had nothing to do with a video. The real reason they were left to die was because Obama was running weapons , flowers , candy , and love letters to his radical Muslim buddies in Syria , and Ambassador Stevens was aware of this , so Obama had him and the other three killed to keep them from talking.
  4. He loves Marxism : His parents read Mein Kampf, and Karl Marx to him as two of his favorite bed time stories. This is most likely where he learned to love Marxism , and Nazism , and couldn’t wait to be president so he could practice both ideologies.
  5. Has taken an unprecedented amount of vacations : It seems that ever since Obama has been in the White House , he has managed to get very little work done , and has taken one extravagant and lavish vacation after another , all at the tax payers’ expense. Liberals often claim that Bush took more vacations. The truth is , Bush worked more , and vacationed less often. The Obama’s have vacationed a hundred times more often. It’s a proven fact.
  6. Plays way too much golf : Another past time that Obama has a habit of spending too much time at , and always when the world is falling to pieces.
  7. Was recruited by Bill Ayers and company as a member of the Weather Underground : During the 2008 elections Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of paling around with terrorists. She was correct , as well-informed Conservatives suspected. He lied about not being closely associated with Ayers. It’s clear that Ayers recruited him to help them plant bombs and kill people during the Vietnam era.
  8. Will outlaw guns any day now : It’s just a matter of time before he uses his mighty pen once again and decides that the second amendment is no longer valid. Then every patriotic , law-abiding gun owner will be tossed into Fema/Wal-Mart stores where they will save less , and live like slaves.
  9. Is bringing millions of Muslims across the borders : Most Americans know that Obama is allowing his Muslim buddies to cross our borders unchecked , and that very soon they will take over America , and install a caliphate. They already have sharia law and no go zones in every state.
  10. Stole the elections : Every well-informed American knows that Barack Obama got into the White House by having ACORN , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the homeless , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead – real dead people – steal the elections for him. That’s a known fact.

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