Twenty Reasons To Despise Barack Obama … Part 1


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John Hawkins

   There are many reasons to despise Barack Obama. Since appearing on the political scene as a presidential candidate , he has lied to the American people about everything under the sun , and not only betrayed them , but the Constitution for which he has sworn to uphold , which he has literally shredded with impunity.

Here are the first ten reasons every patriotic American should despise Barack Obama.

  1. He was born in Kenya : Conservatives had it right from the beginning. Obama was ( and is ) a foreigner. He was never qualified to be president. His birth certificate proved it.
  2. He’s a Muslim : Liberals have falsely accused Conservatives of falsely accusing Obama of being a Muslim. Which is false.
  3. He’s gay : Conservatives have always know that Obama is secretly gay. His affair with Larry Sinclair , when he was a Senator , proved it. As did his other numerous homosexual affairs.
  4. He’s the Anti-Christ : Every true Christian in America knows that Barack Obama is Satan’s right hand man. All that’s left is for him to reveal the truth to the world.
  5. He’s racist : Obama has made it clear from the beginning that he hates white people. Glen Beck said it best when he described the president as a white culture hating racist. Even his defense of a known thug like Trayvon Martin , proved just how racist he is.
  6. He’s a socialist : Well-informed Conservatives know that Obama care is socialized health care , even though liberals are in denial.
  7. He’s just like Hitler : Since Obama took over the White House , he’s proven that his pen and phone are mightier than the law.
  8. He’s anti-Christian : For seven years Obama has spoken out against  , and persecuted Christians at every turn. He’s banned Bibles and religious symbols in the military , the White House , prayer is outlawed in schools , and Christians can no longer mention God in public places without fear of persecution.
  9. He hates America : Obama has always hated America. He has proved this in a number of ways. Putting his foot up on the Oval Office desk ; wearing a tan suit ; eating a hamburger with Dijon mustard instead of ketchup , and golfing too much.
  10. He’s a Martian : Barack Obama may be My Favorite Martian to liberals , but to Conservatives who know the truth about him , know that he is a dictator who the CIA trained on a secret mission to Mars.

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