Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 5

Aviary Photo_131084280134720361  Everyone knows I hate liberals. They’re a crap stain on this country. An embarrassment to real Americans who love this great nation , which was founded on Christian principles. Liberals don’t love America ; they hate it with every fiber of their diarreah being , and are destroying it just by living here.

Let’s get to the final ten reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one not to sexually molest me even if I begged one to , which I would never do anyway , because they’re all gay.

1) Liberals love to play golf. Like Obama , most liberals can usually be found on a green playing a few rounds. And Like Obama – and ostriches – liberals would rather bury their heads in the sand than face their problems head on. What better way to ignore your problems than playing a few holes while your life is falling apart?

2) Liberals take more vacations. Like Obama , liberals take more vacations than Conservatives and will gladly murder anyone who criticizes them for taking one. It’s a known fact. Studies have proved it.

3) Liberals stink. Literally. Scratch a liberal and underneath you will find an animal crawling with fleas and ticks , like a family pet. But your average dog or cat off the street is cleaner than your average liberal.

4) Liberals are space cadets.  Liberals live in their own world , a world that exists in their own minds , a world also inhabited by Daffy Duck  … and Barack Obama.

5) Liberals have their noses permanently glued to Obama’s rear end. Literally. Another reason why they stink.

6) Liberals claim atheism is not a religion. They couldn’t be more wrong. Atheism is a belief system like any other religion. In fact it’s literally a belief in the Devil.

7) Liberals believe universities are institutions of learning and education. This is partially true. Not too long ago , universities were indeed places of learning. These days they are full of liberal bias and poison , nothing more than indoctrination centers for communist and Nazi propoganda.

8) Liberals eat brains. In addition to eating babies and puppies , human brains are also a part of their daily diet.

9) Liberals are cross dressers. It’s a known fact that liberals like to dress up in women’s clothing , because they’re perverts. This behavior is most likely due to childhood memory when they secretly wore their mothers’ clothing. No wonder they become gay as adults.

10) Liberals are bullies. Liberals are literally forcing their immoral behavior and beliefs on everyone else. You must believe what they believe , or else. Several examples of this are same-sex marriage , bestiality , and Islam.

And there you have it. Fifty reasons why I hate liberals , and wouldn’t trust one if he or she was the last one on earth and begged me to.


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