Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 4

Aviary Photo_131072043006309636
John Hawkins

Everything wrong in the world and America , is not only Obama’s fault , but the fault of liberals. Liberals are destroying everything they touch ,  are in the midst of completely destroying America , and the only way they can be stopped , short of shooting every one of them , is to round them all up , put them on an island somewhere at sea , and let them kill each other , so Conservatives will no longer have to worry about them destroying America.

With that in mind , let’s get to the fourth installment of Fifty Reasons Why I Hate Liberals , and why I wouldn’t trust one to kiss my ***.

1) Liberals are Satanists. All liberals are evil , and besides worshiping King Obama as their Lord and Savior , they also worship the Devil , who is no doubt Obama’s right hand man.

2) Liberals are drug addicts. I haven’t met one Obama supporter who hasn’t been addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Which isn’t surprising , since it’s probably a side effect of voting for Obama.

3) Liberals eat puppies. Everyone loves puppies. Especially liberals. In fact , they love them so much puppies are one of their favorite foods , and one of their favorite snacks. They love to eat them as a roast , and in sandwiches as a snack. It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. Studies have proved it.

Aviary Photo_131088496071689296
A liberals favorite snack is a live puppy on a hamburger bun.

4) Liberals are thieves. It’s a well-known fact that all liberals are criminals. They’re rapists , murderers and thieves. Every last one of them.

5) Liberals love to masturbate. Everyone knows that liberals are such perverts that sex is all they think about. If they don’t have Playboy , Penthouse or some other porn to masturbate to , they will gladly choose Americas favorite gay couple , Bert and Ernie.

6) Liberals are conspiracy nuts. They believe in every conspiracy known to man , from the New World Order ,  the fake moon landing , to the Illuminati. They even believe that George Bush was behind 9/11. The truth is , it was Obama’s fault.

7) Liberals are insane. All the proof anyone needs is that they voted for Obama.

8) Liberals are egoists.  They love to brag about how much better they are than Conservatives. How much more intelligent they are , and how right they are. They suffer from delusions of grandeur. It gets tiresome listening to them brag about themselves.

9) Liberals are destroying the Constitution. Since Obama became president , he has routinely shredded copies of it by persecuting Christians , denying them the right to pray in public , and denying them the right to discriminate against gays and illegal immigrants. And liberals have always encourage it.

10) Liberals are devil possessed. As opposed to Conservatives who are possessed by the Holy Spirit.

And there you have it , ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to lick the bottom of my shoe even if it had dog doody on it.


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