Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 3

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John Hawkins

Liberalism is ruining America. It’s a fact. Studies have proved it. Turn on the television , open a newspaper , or  log onto the internet. They’re all full of liberal nonsense , liberal indoctrination and brainwashing. Talk to a liberal and you will see that their brains are permanently on auto pilot. No doubt they are day dreaming about playing a few rounds of golf with King Obama , or strolling through Martha’s Vineyards with him and the rest of the Obama’s.

With that in mind , here are ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to pop a pimple on my butt. Yes , they’re that evil and that disgusting.

1) Liberals hate American values. Liberals hate every principle that America was founded on : Christianity , the Bible ,  the Ten Commandments , and the right to own a gun and shoot any liberal who disagrees with Donald Trump.

2) Liberals are commies and fascists. It’s a fact. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it. Obama care is all the proof you need. But if you require more evidence , Obama’s countless executive orders , his endorsements of same-sex marriage and the war on Christmas.

3) Liberals believe the earth is round. Even though there is no evidence in support of it. According to the Bible , the earth is flat. Who is right? God , or liberals? Certainly not liberals. Suck on that liberals.

4) Liberals are delusional. They believe in the existence of UFO’s and E.T.s. Earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe. It says so in the Bible. Just another way liberals display their ignorance and stupidity by believing in things that couldn’t possibly be real.

5) Liberals hate the flag. It’s also a fact. It’s in their genes. Numerous studies have proved it. In fact , they hate it so much they wouldn’t hesitate to use it as a snot rag or a substitute for toilet paper.

6) Liberals are lazy and cannibals. If liberals had nothing else to eat , they would prefer to eat their own kids , and anyone else’s , rather than going to a grocery store or a restaurant.  Yes , studies have proved even that. 

7) Liberals are clueless. Your average liberal is so brainless , they have an I.Q. of about twenty-five. They literally don’t have a brain , and yet they believe they are more intelligent than Conservatives. But how intelligent can a liberal be when they’re too stupid to know how dumb they are? It’s a side effect of voting for Obama … twice. And just being a liberal in general.

8) Liberals are shameless. If liberals are born gay , no wonder they’re pansies and cross dressers.

9) Liberals love Bert and Ernie. Liberals love America’s favorite gay couple and don’t care if they are bad role models for kids everywhere , because they’re shameless , and are immoral.

10) Liberals are loud and obnoxious. They never know when to shut up. They brag constantly about themselves and Obama ; they whine about Conservatives disagreeing with their made up facts ; they play the race and victim cards incessantly when they can’t win with facts ; and they insist on shoving liberalism down our throats.

And there you have it. Ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to touch me even if they washed their hands with Lysol.


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