Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 2

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John Hawkins

It’s no secret that I hate liberals. I absolutely loath liberals. They are the epitome of evil in the world , and America. They are hateful , sexist , racist , and bigoted toward Conservatives , Christians , women , minorities , and gun owners , and they have proven time and time again how much they despise anyone who doesn’t agree with them one hundred percent.

And with that , here are ten more reasons why I hate liberals , and wouldn’t trust one to change my depends.

1) They hate God. The myth of the liberal Christian. There is no such thing as a liberal Christian. Liberals don’t believe in God. Liberals are communists and fascists by nature. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it.

2) They voted for Obama. Liberals would have never forgiven themselves if they had not voted for Obama , because for them he could do no wrong. When liberals voted for Obama , they proved how racist they are.

3) Liberals will kill you if you disagree with them. Let’s face it. All liberals are homicidal maniacs. Not only would they kill you for disagreeing with them , but they are more likely to kill you for the most mundane reasons. For instance , if you looked at a liberal the wrong way , they are more inclined to murder you. It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it.

4) They twerk homo erotically. The grand master , Obama taught them well. Most people believe it was a craze started by Miley Cyrus. But it was actually invented by Barack Obama. Crowds of Obama supporters can often be seen twerking in the streets and malls across America. It’s disgusting.

5) They worship Obama. They worship Obama as their lord and savior like Christians worship Jesus Christ. Just another sign that liberals are delusional.

6) Liberals hate guns. Another liberal myth is the liberal gun owner. Liberals wouldn’t pick up a gun to protect themselves if their homes were being invaded by radical Islamists. When it comes to guns , liberals are wimps and pussies.

7) Liberals are idiots. Don’t believe me? Try talking to one. Their brains are permanently on vacation like Obama.

8) They hate America.  It’s really no secret that liberals hate America. Again , don’t believe me? Try telling a liberal how great America is. Immediately their minds will space out ( more than usual ) , and they will either start picking their noses , their crotches , or cry out to Obama to save them from the evil Conservative who is attempting to dictate facts to them. My guess is cry out to Obama.

9) Liberals use atheism to brainwash others. All liberals are atheists. Liberals worship evil and the devil like Christians worship God and Jesus Christ , and  they encourage others to do the same.  It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. Studies have proved it.

10) Liberals want everyone to eat vegetables. All liberals want everyone else to eat healthy , or so they say. It’s really just a scam. Their real intention is to get Americans to eat as many veggies as they can , so they will get sick of them , and then gorge out on junk food and get as fat as they can so Obama can eat them. It’s been their plan all along. Don’t believe me? Ask Victoria Jackson.

And there you have it. Ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one if my life depended on it.




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