One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 7

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts dominate the internet , especially the type that believe in any conspiracy theory espoused by the likes of fellow wing nuts like Mike Adams , and Alex Jones. They believe they are sane , as do the wing nuts they follow , but in reality they are crazier than bed bugs in June.
The following list is ten more signs that you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe Barack Obama will suspend the 2016 elections , impose martial law , and declare himself king and emperor of the United States.

2. You believe Obama and liberals are waging a war on Christmas and Christianity.

3. You believe Fox News is fair and balanced.

4. You believe Obama and Raul Castro are a gay couple.

5. You believe the Clinton’s have left a long trail of dead political opponents.

6. You believe gay people will one day take control of America and force non gays to be gay.

7. You believe Obama’s policies are socialist.

8. You believe Michelle Obama’s Hunger Free Kids Act was an attempt to fatten Americas kids so Obama could eat them.

9. You believe global warming is a commie liberal plot.

10. You believe Ted Nugent is a true patriot , instead of a racist , pedophile , pants pooping draft dodger. 

If you believe any of this nonsense , then you are without a doubt , a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and deserved to be locked up in the booby hatch.


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